Site Maintenance Updates (Ongoing)

So does the help desk not exist at all currently? I’m quite confused, but maybe I missed an announcement?

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That I don’t know. I’m not sure I’ve ever tried to access it, actually.

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I used the Help Desk in February (maybe I should say I attempted to use it) I got an automated email reply saying it had been received but nothing further. The email used to reply wasn’t a LC address and after investigation, I found out it was from a different site also owned by Sweets.

After waiting a week, I finally reached out to a mod who was able to assist me but she said some things can only be done by the site owner.

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I am pretty sure someone else has mentioned to me about no longer getting email notifications… a couple months ago, but they weren’t concerned about pursuing it further. I set my account up to not get email, so don’t have any first hand experience with this feature. @sweets4ever ?

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I only have email set up if someone sends me a DM. and I am still getting them.

I’d be curious what email domain people are using who AREN’T getting emails. gmail? yahoo? an outlook client, etc… and when it stopped working.

Not that I can fix it. just my troubleshooting background rearing it’s head.


I have not been receiving emails from LC for a while. Earlier this year, I was getting the same message as many users that LC emails might be phishing. I do not know if anything was done about this issue. I continued to get this message for a few months and now any emails from LC have stopped. Even though I have my preferences set to receive an email when I get a PM:

I do not get them. I use gmail.

ETA: I also get an error when clicking on the help desk.

I’m not sure if the help desk was ever setup/functional? I tried submitting a ticket last summer and never got a reply back.

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I have it set to send me email when someone messages me here, and i get zero email now after getting that phishing message for a few weeks. Gmail. I went back and deliberately marked anything in spam as not spam, but now nothing even shows up in Spam either. I also don’t get the email message i need when i am attempting to reset my password! I need to check & see if a mod can help me but i keep forgetting.

interesting. I have it set to go to a yahoo account and get them fine.
@chameleonhound are you also using gmail?

I am on gmail and I don’t get anything.

The email issue seems to be the same as this one from back in March:

@sweets4ever did you find anything out when you looked into this before? I don’t think it was ever resolved.


I don’t think that there is anything Mods have power to do about resetting passwords, but I will have a quick look.

UPDATE: My quick look didn’t yield any obvious way for a Mod to help with this. @sweets4ever can you help?

I’m also using gmail. I never got the phishing messages, but I stopped getting LettuceCraft emails in May.

I don’t get emails either. If @sweets4ever (and/or @mr.sweets4ever) are not getting notifications either, someone may need to specifically email them directly.

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I tried adding alternate emails.
The 2nd yahoo email I added worked fine.
Added a gmail email and never got the confirmation email
definitely seems to be an issue sending to gmail.

I checked and I got my last notification late april. If I click on one of the emails I get the gmail phishing warning so it definitely appears to be a gmail issue.

That’s a very good point. I copied the link and sent it to her via Facebook.

Sorry about that! My other site is under construction at the moment and it’s on that domain, so it hiccuped it as well. Getting it back up now for you.


I do indeed use Gmail! It disappeared for a while, then I’d get one email in a blue moon, and now gone again.

I’m glad the help desk wasn’t a mirage after all, haha. I was worried for a minute there! I can continue to be patient on my ticket, I just worry that I miss things without the notifications.

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I still get the e-mails! I use hotmail. Sounds like I’m the only one still getting them?