Skull rainbow shorts

Hi you crafty bunch!

Wasn’t sure whether to post these or not, I love them, but I don’t want to overpost and bore everyone!!

Nevertheless, here they are, I made chambray skull shorts with a feature pocket in rainbow fabric :smiley:

I do love a bit of colour, you can probably tell by now in all my posts :wink: Well, colour, or all black, lol.

Close up of the lovely rainbow pocket! I would have loved to have more of it shown, but I bought it for making other things and didn’t have that much. I love just having the little surprise pop tho!

Of course 2 days ago when Mr Loops took these photos for me it was absolutely sweltering… and now it’s fricking freezing, I’m sat in many layers with fluffy socks on, and I still have cold fingers and feet… but hopefully I’ll have a chance to wear them again soon!!

:boom: Linen Loungers pattern by Patterns for Pirates (shorts option)

:boom: I used Chambray skulls fabric from Mibs Fabrics (affiliate link)

Hope you like them! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


Those look really good - and I love the pop of colour!

These are wonderful! I love the contrast of skulls and rainbow!

Definitely keep posting!! Love seeing your home-made clothes. It’s so inspiring!!


Love your fabric choices!!

And I concur, keep posting!

How cute! Your pocket details are outstanding. And YES, post ALL the things!

@Abbeeroad @Bunny1kenobi @endymion @wittychild
Awww thanks guys, I get a little stuck in my own head sometimes (especially in the current situation!) and was just a little concerned that I might have been posting too much!!

I’m currently sewing about 30 dog collars :astonished:, and a big fitted foam headboard for our bed, but I’ve got a couple more of my latest clothing makes ready to go up when I get a chance, keeps me out of hubby’s hair whilst he’s working from home downstairs!!

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Exactly this!

I used to make a lot of my own clothes, but I almost never sew them anymore. You use such fun fabrics and now I’m inspired to give it a try this year. I could definitely use some new shorts for the summer.

Ooh! I love that little pop on the pockets and think the skull fabric is awesome!

I don’t like sewing, but I’m thinking shorts wouldn’t be too bad. Hmmm. You’ve got me thinking!!!

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Love 'em!

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You always give each piece an extra bit of oompf! Very cool!

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@Kwality570 I [perhaps weirdly] find shorts the easiest thing to sew, probably just because then I don’t have to deal with making stuff to fit my ridiculous b00bs!! :rofl:

@craftADDchick I love that I’ve inspired people to try making more clothes for themselves!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I spent so much of my life wearing boring bland clothes because that was all that was available in my size, so I love that now I can actually make myself the clothes I want to wear (even though technically nowadays there are a lot more plus size options)!!

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