Slouchy Fair-Isle knit hat

Finally finished my first project of the new year! A slouchy knit hat for meeee!

I tried a new-to-me method for dealing with all the yarn tails and French braided them together… life changing!



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Love the hat. Great colors. that is a really cool way of dealing with ends!

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I’m not a knitter, but I can easily see how the new way of dealing with yarn tails would be a big game changer. I’ve sometimes wished I did knit because I love fair isle patterns!

I love the ribbing on the bottom of the beanie, it looks professionally made!

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Gorgeous! And that’s a great tip for dealing with the tails

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I love, love, love this hat! The colors are fresh and the pattern is fantastic. Well done!

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Ok, French braids is genius! Also, the hat is so cool…and for YOU!! Yeah!


I love the combo of colors you used

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This is great! Love the colors.

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Lovely and warm and all for you! Yay - yay!

I adore that. Fabulous colors and the French braid!

and that is an amazing way to finish off the inside!

Fair Isle is just so cool. And I love your solution to all the tail ends! Weaving in ends is the woooorst!

This is Fantastic!!

I think the hat looks great, and the method of fixing the lose ends is great! Really lovely colours and knitting pattern

That really looks great. I might be tempted to wear it inside out to show off the clever insides too :smiley: