Slow Stitch Along

Hey, slow stitchers! I am starting this slow stitch craftalong thread because

A) I want to inspire other crafters to do some slow stitching and
B) I am going to start a slow stitch kit swap in a few days and the swappers need a place to share what they make with their kits if they so choose. Sharing a completed project is totally optional. Here is our discussion thread.

This thread is for EVERYONE, whether they are swapping or not. Please, share your slow stitching here!

I will start. Here is my current project. It will eventually go on a denim jacket for my sister.


Slow stitch seems a great take along project, it can be small and doesn’t need much equipment.

I want to make up a project for my vacation.

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I am really looking forward to seeing the projects in this -along!


This might be just what I need to get going on my own jacket!


Yay! So glad you got this going! :heart:


Oh my

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Wow. That is amazing and soooooo much work.

That is cool. The embroidery is all white, over a patterned fabric.

I made this prayer flag for @thanate in the prayer flag swap. One of her themes was All Rocks Are Good Rocks, so of course I sewed rocks to heavy canvas. This is a departure from my usual slow stitching/prayer flag style. I enjoyed the challenge.


I like how you stitched each rock on differently!

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Just gorgeous.

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I forgot about this thread and posted this elsewhere. I need to start another. I love how my uneven stitches just end up blendi g in.

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