Small Batch Ornament Match Swap CLOSED (Send Nov 1-11)

Formerly known as: Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap”

At long last, the return of the “Sweat Shoppe” grab-bag style ornament swap! Let’s send some holiday cheer to our Lettuce Craft friends. We will be swapping handmade ornaments, using any style and medium that you choose.

Swap Name: Small Batch Ornament Match 2023
Organizer: @endymion (with thanks and recognition to @GatorWrangler who started the fun!)
Crafting / Sign-Ups: Sept 23 - Oct 21, 2023
Wish List Acceptance: Oct 21 - 27, 2023
Tentative Match-Ups Posted: Oct 28, 2023
Finalized Ship-To Lists Sent Out: Oct 30, 2023
Send-Outs: no later than Nov 11, 2023


  • Choose to make and send 3 or 6 handcrafted ornaments. They should be a “small batch”, all alike. Craft whatever makes you happy, and something you would love to receive.
  • If you like, you can offer 3 of one style and 3 of another.
  • This is for swappers of all abilities, but ornaments should be made using your best effort.
  • Your ornaments will each go to a different person, and you will receive all different ornaments in return, equal to the number of ornaments you craft and send. (You will not necessarily send to, and receive from, the same crafters.)
  • This is an international swap; each swapper will choose whether or not to ship internationally.
  • Sign up only AFTER your ornaments are completed.
  • MAKE your ornaments, THEN send in your questionnaire. Send a PHOTO of your ornaments with your sign-up questionnaire.
  • Organizer will create a GALLERY in this topic, right underneath the participant list.
  • When sign-ups close, review the Gallery and privately submit a WISH LIST to the organizer, with all ornaments listed in order of preference (first on your list means most preferred). You are not guaranteed to get your top choices; you will likely receive a mix of more and less preferred items.
  • After the Wish List deadline 10/27/23, the organizer will fairly and impartially match up ornaments with swappers, including random assignment of ornaments to anyone who did not submit a Wish List.
  • Tentative partner lists will be posted 10/28/23. Please help the organizer find and correct any errors.
  • You will receive from the organizer by 10/30/23 at 11:59pm CST an official SHIP-TO LIST, with names and addresses of those swappers who will receive your handcrafted ornaments. Ship as soon as possible, and no later than 11/11/23.
  • You will need to document shipping. Send a private message (with the title “Small Batch SENT [your username]”) to the organizer listing:
    1. Tracking numbers for packages, and
    2. Photos of receipts for international shipments.
      Flats would no require documentation (aside from a message to the organizer), but would need to be re-sent if item is not received within 2 weeks domestic, 3-4 weeks international.
  • Within 3 days of RECEIVING an ornament, send a private message to the organizer and the sender. Title your message “Small Batch RECEIVED [your username]”.

The swap is open to international participants, but due to costs of international shipping, no one will be required to ship internationally unless they’re willing to do that. When you answer your questionnaire, tell where you are located and whether or not you will ship internationally.

Here are three possible options for swappers who wish to ship internationally.

  1. Craft only flat ornaments that could be enclosed in a card and sent inexpensively.

  2. Craft two sets of 3 ornaments, one of which would be flat or otherwise more suitable for international shipping. Some domestic swappers might get the international version if there weren’t many international participants.

  3. Craft all your items, but also craft a single sample of an item that could be substituted, craft-on-demand, for international matches. This might mean, if you got international matches, that you’d have some of your regular items left over. It also might make you rush to do the craft-on-demand items if you got more than one international match.

It is okay to craft your substitute international items “on demand” rather than crafting them before sign-ups close.

Ask if you have any questions about international options.


*Must post in swap thread at the time you sign up, and at least weekly after that, to let us know you’re still with us!
*Must be a member for at least 1 month
*Must have posted 15 times
*Must have completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at the same time
*Must not sign up for more than 5 current swaps
*Must not have any negative feedback
*Must be at least 16 years old
*Once your ornaments are complete, send a private message to organizer @endymion with the questionnaire below the row of Christmas trees. The title should be “Small Batch SIGN UP [your username].”


:christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

Small Batch Ornament Match Swap
Participant Questionnaire

Name of Swap: Small Batch Ornament Match 2023
Lettuce Craft username:
Email address:
Real name and mailing address including country (formatted for mailing):

Confirm you are at least sixteen years old: YES/NO
How many ornaments are you swapping? 3 OR 6
Are you willing to ship internationally? YES/NO
Do you understand tracking (or photo of international receipt) is required? YES/NO
Do you agree to re-send any items that go missing after being mailed according to papercraft rules (flat envelopes without tracking numbers)? YES/NO
Have you posted in the discussion thread? YES/NO
Have you completed your ornaments? YES/NO
What is/are the NAME(s) of your ornament(s)?
Please include a PHOTO of each ornament in this message. This will be the photo I’ll post in the gallery. It can be a picture of just one of your ornaments. (This will allow people to see more detail.)
Have you read through the swap guidelines/rules? YES/NO
Do you understand that you will create and submit a WISH LIST to the organizer, promptly after the gallery has been finalized? YES/NO
How will you know where to send your ornaments?
You must notify the sender and organizer within how many days of receiving an ornament?

Hey, this is going to be fun! Let’s swap some hand-crafted ornaments!


:gift: @Lynx :snowman:
:gift: @LovelyMiss :snowman:
:gift: @AuFish :snowman:
:gift: @steiconi :snowman:
:gift: @Dfabbric
:gift: @Kwality570 :snowman:
:gift: @Tapestry :snowman:
:gift: @endymion :snowman:
:gift: @gozer :snowman:
:deer: @Camelama :snowman:

:deer: Swapper has sent their ornaments
:christmas_tree: This ornament has been received
:snowman: COOL! This swapper has received all their ornaments.
:gift: ALL WRAPPED UP! All items sent by this swapper have been received.


:snowman: AuFish :snowman:Camelama Dfabbric :snowman: endymion :snowman: gozer :snowman:Kwality570 :snowman:LovelyMiss :snowman: Lynx :snowman: steiconi :snowman: Tapestry
:christmas_tree:Felt flower crown bear :christmas_tree:Drink up :christmas_tree:Felt flower crown bear :christmas_tree:Felt flower crown bear :christmas_tree:Kwality ornaments :christmas_tree:Felt flower crown bear :christmas_tree:Joy on ice :christmas_tree:Drink up :christmas_tree:Flamboyant flamingos :christmas_tree:Felt flower crown bear
:christmas_tree:Joy on Ice :christmas_tree:Felt flower crown bear :christmas_tree:Flamboyant flamingos :christmas_tree:Funky flamingos :christmas_tree:Little window houses :christmas_tree:Funky flamingo :christmas_tree:Kwality ornaments :christmas_tree:Flamboyant flamingos :christmas_tree:Joy on ice :christmas_tree:Kwality ornaments
:christmas_tree:Kwality ornaments :christmas_tree:Grumpy cats in winter hats :christmas_tree:Grumpy cats in winter hats :christmas_tree:Drink up :christmas_tree:Patchwork hearts :christmas_tree:Little window houses :christmas_tree:Lorelei the mermaid :christmas_tree:Grumpy cats in winter hats :christmas_tree:Little window houses :christmas_tree:Lorelei the mermaid
:christmas_tree:Little window houses :christmas_tree:Funky flamingos Little window houses :christmas_tree:Kwality ornaments :christmas_tree:Joy on ice :christmas_tree:Mountains meet waves :christmas_tree:Kwality ornaments :christmas_tree:Mountains meet waves :christmas_tree:Mountains meet waves
:christmas_tree:Mountains meet waves :christmas_tree:Joy on ice :christmas_tree:Sopworth the flying camel :christmas_tree:Little window houses :christmas_tree:Mountains meet waves :christmas_tree:Patchwork heart :christmas_tree:Lorelei the mermaid :christmas_tree:Patchwork heart :christmas_tree:Salty Grinch
:christmas_tree:Sopworth the flying camel :christmas_tree:Sopworth the camel :christmas_tree:[endymion ornament] :christmas_tree:Mountains meet waves :christmas_tree:Yeti :christmas_tree:Salty Grinch :christmas_tree:Yeti :christmas_tree:Salty Grinch :christmas_tree:Yeti


:gift:AuFish Camelama :gift: Dfabbric :gift: endymion :gift: gozer :gift:Kwality570 :gift: LovelyMiss :gift:Lynx :gift:Steiconi :gift: Tapestry
:christmas_tree:Dfabbric :christmas_tree:AuFish :christmas_tree:Camelama :christmas_tree:AuFish :christmas_tree:Kwality570 :christmas_tree:AuFish :christmas_tree:AuFish :christmas_tree:AuFish :christmas_tree:AuFish :christmas_tree:Camelama
:christmas_tree:Lynx Dfabbric :christmas_tree:endymion :christmas_tree:Camelama :christmas_tree:Lynx :christmas_tree:endymion :christmas_tree:Camelama :christmas_tree:endymion :christmas_tree:Camelama :christmas_tree:Dfabbric
:christmas_tree:steiconi :christmas_tree:endymion :christmas_tree:Lynx :christmas_tree:Kwality570 :christmas_tree:Tapestry :christmas_tree:gozer :christmas_tree:Dfabbric :christmas_tree:Kwality570 :christmas_tree:Dfabbric :christmas_tree:Lynx
FUNKY :christmas_tree:gozer SALTY :christmas_tree:LovelyMiss :christmas_tree:LovelyMiss :christmas_tree:endymion :christmas_tree:LovelyMiss MERMAID HEARTS
:christmas_tree:Camelama :christmas_tree:Kwality570 :christmas_tree:LovelyMiss :christmas_tree:steiconi :christmas_tree:Lynx :christmas_tree:Kwality570 :christmas_tree:steiconi :christmas_tree:LovelyMiss :christmas_tree:gozer
:christmas_tree:endymion :christmas_tree:steiconi :christmas_tree:steiconi INTERNATIONAL :christmas_tree:Tapestry :christmas_tree:Tapestry :christmas_tree:Tapestry :christmas_tree:Lynx :christmas_tree:LovelyMiss
:christmas_tree:Kwality570 :christmas_tree:Tapestry :christmas_tree:Dfabbric :christmas_tree:Tapestry :christmas_tree:steiconi
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of Outstanding Ornament Options

Mountains Meet Waves by @Lynx.
Shipping only to U.S.

Felt Flower Crown Bear by @Lovely Miss.
Shipping internationally.

Flamboyant Flamingo by @AuFish.
Shipping internationally.

Funky Flamingo by @AuFish (available in purple, blue, or yellow.)
Shipping internationally.

Sopworth the flying camel by @steiconi.
Shipping internationally.

Lorelei the mermaid by @steiconi
Shipping internationally.

Salty Grinch by @Dfabbric
Shipping internationally.

Drink Up by @Dfabbric
Shipping internationally.

Kwality Ornaments by @Kwality570
Shipping only to U.S.

Grumpy Cats in Winter Hats by @Tapestry
Shipping internationally.

Patchwork Hearts by @Tapestry
Shipping only to U.S.

Joy on Ice by @endymion
Shipping only to U.S.

Yetis by @gozer
Shipping only to U.S.

Little Window Houses by @Camelama
Shipping internationally.


I am excited about this swap and hope others are, too! Since it’s my first time hosting, let me know if you find things that need to be corrected. Thanks much!


I am excited for this swap! I’ve always enjoyed it in the past. I’m brainstorming ideas of things to make. :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


I’m playing with some ideas. If I find one I like, I’ll happily throw in. This was always a fun swap!


I’ll sign up on the computer (and include the picture). I have my ornaments made.

These will be mine!


I started working on mine but they aren’t turning out how I had envisioned. I may start over, but there will definitely be some from me included!


I’m still waffling on what I’ll make. I’m experimenting with one option that is metal, and one that is air-dry clay.


Hmmm, I’m thinking I could possibly knit 3, or I’ve been looking at embroidering felt patterns recently……


I read through the post but couldn’t find the answer, if you make 3 ornaments do you send all three to one person or one each to three different people?


Good question! They all go to different people, and the ones you receive are all different. I’ll try to edit the swap description to clarify that.


glad you asked this, bec I was wondering the same thing


I’m totally going to sign up! SSOS was always a holiday highlight for me. Brainstorming now!


Im going to be a last minute entry. I should have enough time to work on these the second week of October. I already ordered a supply and i have my idea ready.


Yay! Looks like we have a lot of interest. I had a feeling sign-ups would be slow at the start, since everyone has to craft their ornaments first. I expect to be busy near the close date!


Testing some ideas that I’m hoping will work. We’ll see which ones we end up with. I’m so excited to have this swap back!


I’ve ordered some supplies and I’ll make a test ornament once they get here. :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


I ordered some supplies as well! Here’s hoping they arrive soon.

Soooooo quick question, @endymion . Do the ornaments have to be identical? Or could I do 3 of one theme (say 3d Christmas houses) and 3 of another theme (flat painted images for international but all similar…like Christmas kittens). All would be on theme and similar, but not identical.

(I’m a weirdo. I hate making the same thing twice.)

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It might make it harder for the organizer to match people if they aren’t really, really close. For example, instead of just matching Participant 1 with Participant 2, she would have to match Participant 1 with ornament B from Particpant 2. Does that make sense? I might LOVE the black cat ornament, but not really be interested in the gray cat, for example.
No idea how @endymion is going to do it, just throwing this fact out there.