Lettuce Craft 2023 Year in Crafting!

Whew! It’s been quite a crafty year! Just how crafty you ask? Well, let’s take a look at the 2023 LC Year in Crafting!

This year…

:memo: 1,600 new topics and 49,800 posts were created

:love_letter: Over 200,000 likes were given out - almost 20% of which came from the big hearts of @Magpie and @AIMR! :heart: :heart:

We added New Swap Badges and welcomed @Lynx, @thanate, @Kwality570, @Bunny1kenobi, @geekgirl, and @gozer into the Swap Monster Club!


@TheMistressT, @endymion, @Bunny1kenobi, @Lynx, @Cindy, @Lothruin, @Abbeeroad, @AIMR, @steiconi, @megwell, and @tendstowardschaos became Crafty Chameleons


And @spaceradish, @TheMistressT, and @ceep were Chair Cat Approved!

The most crowded Craftalongs were:
:house: The Home Décor and Renovation Craftalong
:art: The Paper, Mixed Media, and Art Journaling Craftalong
:thread: The Quiltalong

Stand Out Swaps of the year were
:christmas_tree: Small Batch Ornament Swap
:question: LC Grab Bag Swap
:mailbox_with_mail: Scrappy Mail Swap (round 2)

Two Terrific Tutorials caught our eye this year:
:carrot: Carrot Treat Bags Tutorial by @Magpie
:sun_behind_small_cloud: Solar Printing: An Exploration Tutorial by @MistressJennie

In addition, the Talk Scrappy to Me Challenge brought in a whopping 18 entries!

The eight most :heart:ed topics, with 35+ :heart:s each were:

:trophy: :star2: And finally, the gold star for most topics posted in 2023 goes to @TheMistressT who created 92 topics this year! Whoop! :star2: :trophy:

Thank you for spending the year us!

Tell us your favorite LC moment of 2023 in the comments!


Wow, what an epic list! Congrats to all.

What will 2024 bring?


What a cool year-in-review! I love this place and all the wonderful people who make it what it is. :heart:


Wow, congratulations you guys!! I love revisiting all these fabulous topics and projects!


What an epic year it’s been! Thank you so much for putting this year-in-review together for us @Abbeeroad! You do so much around here to help make this a special place. Please know it’s noticed and appreciated. 50 points to Gryffindor. :wink:


Woo! 2024 was a great crafty year!


Thanks to all the mods and members for making 2023 wonderful!

I look forward to 2024!


Woohoo! Here’s to 2024!

A few personal highlights:
:heavy_check_mark: Met LC/Craftster peeps in person for the first time
:heavy_check_mark: New crafts: bookbinding (including a full-on junk journal), zines, mini pocket letters, and solar printing
:heavy_check_mark: Completed the Crafty Chameleon badge


Yes! The meet up! I…should have included that. :sweat_smile:

I also forgot I was going to post a comment about the sources of this information. I am currently couch bound with COVID, so I’m blaming that, lol.

In case anyone is curious and wants to check out more:


Number of topics/posts: https://forum.lettucecraft.com/admin?period=yearly

Total likes: https://forum.lettucecraft.com/admin/reports/likes?end_date=2023-12-31&mode=table&start_date=2023-01-01

User likes: the Lettuce Craft Forums

Popular Craftalongs/Swaps: the Lettuce Craft Forums

Top Topics: the Lettuce Craft Forums

Most topics: the Lettuce Craft Forums


Sorry to hear that! What a big job when not feeling well. Sorry you are starting the new year with Covid. Feel better.


THANK YOU @Abbeeroad for compiling all of this data into a fun post! WOW and WHOA! It’s so fun to see “the numbers” for this place I treasure and visit pretty much every single day. For years, a project doesn’t feel complete to me until I share it with LC (and C-ster, before that).

You all have been such inspirations in so many creative ways and I appreciate you so, so much!


Aw, feel better Abbee.

Sometimes when I’m restless I revisit old topics & love up anything I somehow missed.

I’m restless a LOT. :heart: :kissing_heart:


This is incredible! We have such a supportive and amazing group here. I hope you feel better soon @Abbeeroad ! And thank you for all you do to make, and keep, this our happy little corner of the internet!


My best part of lettuce this year was getting to meet so many wonderful people.

And the second best was the happy mail xx


I really enjoy the zoom meet ups! It’s fun to see faces, chat with friends around the world and learn a bit about their lives outside LC.


loved reading these stats!
Thanks to you, all of the mods, and the participants for making this the best online crafting community!!
Happy New Year!


Wow! What an amazing year! Thanks for compiling all this info, @Abbeeroad. Feel better soon!


I am so grateful for LC. You are all my peeps. The people who get each other’s need to craft and share the ups and downs of creativity. The people who can’t help but make stuff…who have WIPs and UFOs and even more projects waiting in the dark reaches of their heads and hearts.
And even more love to you awesome and hardworking admins and moderators. Thank you for building again this community and home for us all.


What a great round up of info. Thanks @Abbeeroad for going above and beyond (again)! Hope you’re well again soon!

And thanks to all of you, who make this the friendliest corner of the internet! I love having a place where nobody has to worry about their personal creeds or beliefs being mocked or slammed, where the things we say to, and about, each other are kind, supportive and uplifting. That light is growing dimmer in the world at large but beams steadily and brightly here! :heart::heart::heart:


Feel better VERY soon!!