Small Cooking Spoon

Since I’ve been cooking a lot of smaller meals, I really got annoyed using either a metal spoon or a large spoon for cooking them. So I made one today. heh!

Hickory and sealed with olive oil rather than the mineral oil.

The reason for the one corner, is so it can scoop along the bevel on the bottom of the pan. So you can say it’s a spoon + spatula, :smiley:



Beautiful! What did you use for the colored stripe?

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woodburner. Which I don’t think I’ll do again, heh. That was so boring, long, and boy did my fingers hurt squeezing it way too tightly, :no_mouth: . :grin:

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Needed a certain size spoon and just decided to make it! Wow! Looks great and the shape sounds extra-functional, too.


That’s so cool that you just made a functional item because you needed it! I like the dark stripey around it.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you do beautiful work. Beautiful and functional work. Kudos!

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I’m not as fortunate as Homer. Where he had the muse to sing through him, I have Hephaestus screaming at me, “MAKE IT”, :rofl:


This is soooo pretty!

Beautiful work! I love that wood grain on the scoop part. I also like your design solution to allow you to scoop along the bottom of the pan.

Really nice-looking spoon. I bet you have a bunch of awesome- looking utensils at your house!

That’s a beautiful spoon–and super functional, too. I love that you needed something and you went ahead and made it exactly the way you needed. Beautiful item that will serve you well–no pun intended (well… maybe just a little bit :blush:)

It’s a Spoonula, which is a real thing, I have several.

Great job!


Clever design! It looks wonderful.