Small sticker-making from stash (and without a Xyron)

I’m working with tiny cut-out dictionary words and phrases, which are so tiny that gluing is messy/impractical and the bits themselves are prone to static cling and getting lost. I’ve been looking for a better way to manage and affix them. Some of you all got me thinking about a Xyron sticker machine, but I really wanted to work from stash.
I stewed for a couple weeks, and then the solution hit me (inspired partially by DIY washi tape tutorials that are out on the web):

The short version:

  1. Put a strip of double-sided tape on wax paper, freezer paper, or used vinyl/sticker-backing paper.
  2. Put your paper-bits in the middle of the tape.
  3. Cover with clear carton tape (fully covering the double-sided tape).
  4. Cut out the size you need and peel off the wax paper when you’re ready to use your sticker.
Details and meh photos:

First, dust/sweep/vacuum your crafting space… Which I didn’t do, and thus dirt, hairs and miscellaneous fuzz were drawn to the tape.
Second, the materials I used are not acid-free, so I’m not recommending for special/important projects.

I didn’t buy anything; I had saved the backing from a roll of Contact Paper (adhesive vinyl) I’d used, which is kind of like freezer paper.

I put double-sided tape down on the slippery side of the paper backing, about 2.5 inches, to accommodate the widest of my paper-bits. Then I carefully placed the completed found phrases in the middle of the tape, with open sticky space around each side.

The next step is laminating and sealing the paper-bits in place by putting a bigger strip of clear tape on top of the double-sided tape. Packing/carton tape is my go-to for many things. I put two sets of phrases (each on a separate strip of double-digit tape) close together so there would be less packing tape wasted in the end.
Careful not to get an air bubble in there when putting the packing tape down.

So if the packing tape covers everything, is the double-sided tape necessary? For tiny paper-bits, it helps a lot. It is easier to position them initially there, while working with just a strip of packing tape can be unwieldy (static cling, etc). Plus, having the two layers of tape gives you full lamination, and helps larger paper-bit stickers to adhere.

Now you can cut the stickers down to whatever size you fancy; probably no less than a 1/8th-inch margin of tape around each paper-bit. More margin if the stickers are going on a surface that isn’t very clingy, like construction paper.

These can sit in your stash until the cows come home (or the right project comes along). And possibly the best part is, they don’t have to be cut at all until you use them; storing a whole sheet of them instead of all the little pieces makes them easier to keep track of. When you’re ready to use them, just peel off the wax paper backing. :smiley: I tried out my first ones on an ATC, and they’re sticking well so far! One way of dealing with the shiny+not-shiny surface is to seal the finished work with a coat of gloss medium, to even out and better blend the shininess.

Across from the acorn I can see a little of the tape edge around the word “know”, but that’s because I didn’t give it a good enough furnishing yet.

True, a sticker machine would be easy and look more professional, plus there are some models that are very affordable. But since I’m not a sticker person in general, this meets my needs!


What a great idea!

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I like this! I actually had a Xyron for a while and didn’t use it enough, so exposed bit of sticker sheet kept getting covered in dust. :frowning:


I use Thermoweb Sticky Dots

I bought a package of twelve sheets about five years ago for about $3 (dollar store sells them for $1)… kinda the same idea…a sheet that releases and covers up what you stick on…when you need it, cut out the bit you need and cover it up again…even after all this time, the sheets still stick and it is acid free…

I like that you thought of a solution for yourself, but obviously, this was an issue for lots of people as well…messy glue is not fun and hard to manipulate.

I am also not buying any new toys…


Iiinteresting… I’ve never seen whole sheets like that. Your dollar stores are better than mine!

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I have no idea why they call them “dots”…except that they claim they are sheets of micro glue dots?

Target and Walmart also sell them…and the cool thing…they are easily repositionable until you press them down hard! My hands are too large and my eyesight too weak to handle those tiny things anymore but I still love to do inchies and ATCs…I put fortune cookie fortunes on a sheet to have handy for such things…sometimes I put a sheet of freezer paper over just to be sure no cruddiness happens…


AWEsome idea!

Very cool solution! I did something similar recently with some stamped items that wouldn’t dry and were smudgy. I used a roll of carpet tape because it’s wide and inexpensive. Pressed the items to the carpet tape then covered with packing tape. Fixed the smudging, made the surface shiny, and the carpet tape is doubled sided so when I want to stick the stickers, the backing can be peeled off.
The carpet tape is thick though so the stickers are a bit raised.


lol I think it is hilarious that we all have packing tape and carpet tape of some sort in our stash of supplies…and NOT for their original purposes! Masking tape and duct tape, too…we figured it out and now companies are making new products…bleh…

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@AIMR um those sheets are awesome, I think I’ve seen them at dollar tree! Must make a trip there tomorrow!!!

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Love your DIY version!

I have never heard of these. will have to keep it in mind!

and dry wall tape!

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With that name, I am guessing that if I did see them for sale, I overlooked them because I thought they were those little adhesive circles that are usually sold in spool form. I do love those, as well, but this magical product you’re talking about seems so much more versatile…not to mention cost-effective!

I’m so impressed by your ingenuity! I caved, and bought the Xyron (which is still in its package)…you definitely did this the smart, uber-crafty way. :slightly_smiling_face:

You know in all my years of cutting and glueing tiny words I have never thought of doing a sheet ahead of time, great idea calluna!