Snarky-Sweet Valentine’s Cookies

I love Valentine’s Day because… cookies! I normally do a lot of conversation-heart-type cookies for Valentine’s, but I’ve had the beehive idea in my head for a while now, so excited they came out like I wanted :laughing: And the mason jar ones were based on a photo I found on Pinterest from a place called Funky Cookie Studio.


CUTE! I love the little fireflies and ladybugs. The nerd cookie! Awesome!

These are FANTASTIC!

They are so cute…the beehive is the best!

My sister used to be in the cookie making business…I think cookie decorators are special artists…

Those are SO cool! Love all the sayings.

These are adorable!

The firefly jars are my favorite!! :green_heart:

best Valentine’s ever

These look absolutely amazing (especially the fireflies) and I’m sure they taste wonderful too. Are they on a chocolate base?

That is soooo much work-and so beautifully executed!!

These look fantastic. I love your lettering! I bet they taste yummy too!

Love them! :slight_smile:

These are wonderful!

The mason jar cookie idea is just great! You are talented.

Thanks so much everyone! I first got into cookie decorating about 14 years ago, so I’ve had a LOT of practice!

Yes! I’ve been on a chocolate cookie kick lately - the dark chocolate cookie plus the super-sweet icing ends up somewhat reminiscent of an Oreo. I use this recipe for the cookie base:

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Love the snarky ones - especially the ‘you’ll do’ ones :smiley:

‘You’ll do’ and the fireflies!!


Shut the front door! These are fantastic!

These are so cute!! Love them. I wish my valentine included cookies like this!

Awesome cookies!