Snow White happy purse

I made this bag with the January bag of the Month pattern. Its called Happy, I used a Thomas Kinkade Snow White panel for most of it and some off white cork. I made a few mistakes since I barely glanced at the instructions :woman_facepalming: but otherwise it turned out pretty good, just wish Prince head wasnt cut off.


Wonderful purse! I donโ€™t mind the princeโ€™s head being cropped. Love that the wishing well is inside the bag. Also love that you used the Happy pattern to make a purse that actually has a character named Happy on it!


Great bag!
I love the design you picked and (despite some minor mistakes?) you did an amazing job!
Iโ€™m not a big Disney fan, but I can see the appeal for someone who is.


I love this and the Happy on the reverse side.
How does the cork hold up? I see a lot of people sewing with it. I did once, but I gave it away so I have no idea how is held up.


So cute!!


Thank you, the cork holds up wonderfully, I really like working with it

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