Snowy scene

I’ve been having a look at some YouTube tutorials, in an attempt to improve my watercolour technique. I’m pretty happy with how this turned out.


It’s beautiful! So calm and wintery!

You should be happy! It’s so serene!

It’s lovely!

WHOA! I’d like to shrink down and insert myself right into that scene!

Wow, it’s beautiful! There’s so much depth to the sky. I really like the ornament and the unexpected pop of color it adds to the scene!

Oh, Edel! That’s beautiful! It’s snowing in my forest right now, so maybe I’ll get to live in your painting soon!

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Soooo pretty!!!

That’s lovely!

Love the night sky.

Oh my goodness! This is so beautiful.

Stunning. I am so jealous of your skills. The sky is exquisite!

Gorgeous! How do you put snow on the trees when using watercolors…?

It’s absolutely stunning!

I used acrylic paints on top. I would have used gouache if I had it, but it needed an opaque paint.

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Thank you all for your lovely comments xxx

It’s so beautiful!

It’s simply beautiful! I can just imagine the silence of the scene and the tranquility that it would provide. I wish in a place just like it!

This is beautiful! You’re very talented. I love the wee little lonely Christmas ornament. :christmas_tree:

Thank you :blush: