So Many Chicken ATCs!

I finished the last of my Chicken ATCs today. Sixteen in all :open_mouth: I bought these stickers before Easter and had fun using them to make some fun, inspirational, and silly ATCs. I didn’t want to box myself in with themes/rules but I did use similar supplies and techniques so that they all go together. They are all on masterboard background (some made by me, some by others on this site) and have either a sticker word/phrase or a teatag message. I also added other stickers/embellishments to most of them.

Here’s the family portrait followed by each individual card in order of creation :slight_smile:

“Whimsy Chicken”

“Carefree and Happy Chicken”

“Free Spirit Chicken”

“Shine Chicken”

“Creative Chicken”

“Successful Chicken”

“Beautiful Chicken”

“Grateful Chicken”

“Universal Chicken”

“Appreciating Chicken”

“Brilliant Chicken”

“Head and Heart Chicken”

“Building Chicken”

“Compassion Chicken”

“Unlimited Chicken”

“Participating Chicken”

Feel free to shout out if you see a masterboard you gave me! I know some are from @Lynx2Lancer and @geekgirl and maybe @Smmarrt, @Wulf, and @Magpie ?

Thanks for looking!!! :grin:


I don’t see one of mine but I love all the backgrounds you used and I for sure recognize some of them from previous swaps. All these cards are wonderful and I adore the titles you’ve given them. “Universal Chicken”, haha. You’re the greatest.

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Yes! The background of the Universal chicken is mine. Well done!

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Those are great! I love how they all “go together” without being perfectly matchy-matchy.


So many chickens!!! Love how the masterboards set each one off, and the little quotes and phrases you chose for each one.

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CHICKENS! I have a thing for chicken art and these are the BEST!

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Awww! They are super duper cute.

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What fun!!

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These are so cute!

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Bollllk…B’KAWW!! :egg:

Such a delight! I love when chickens are rescued from the realm of generic 20th century kitchen decor and placed in fun new worlds and contexts!


Congrats! Your Chicken ATC’s are one of this week’s featured projects. You are AWE-SOME!


What a fun flock of ATCs!

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Thank you! :grin:

I love all of them!

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Hey! Those would be great for the county fair if they had an art exhibit area! I know mine does and I have considered entering.

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That would be a good idea if I haven’t already started giving them away :laughing: Maybe I’ll think of something for next year? :smile: