SOCKALONG with me - Knit, Crochet, Loom

Haha…well that’s more than I’m doing with my 2nd sock. It’s still just a toe and very “out of sight out of mind” right now. I will pick it up again! But prob not today or tomorrow…or the day after that. :laughing:


I have finished another sock I want to share! This one was a fun and quick toe-up, with the after-thought heel. That was a new heel to me, but it was a nice one. Fits good. Only problem is the kitchener stitch when sewing it together. Havent got the hang of it just yet.
Its a very pink sock. Now I just need to make the other!

If you think it looks difficult I can say its a piece of cake. I found the pattern on a swedish blog, but it is two rows of color 1, and then with color 2 you knit two rows, but every 6th (so 5 stitches in between) you lift one stitch. Thus you get the stripes.


Well done, you!


I love that pattern…looks like a fun knit!


It was! And so fast! Much faster then when I knit socks for my best friend, but that might have to do with different feet size! :joy:


Oh, hey there.

All you craftalong-ers check out the Peek Behind The Curtains Challenge! You don’t need to make something new to join in, you just have to (finally) share the things you’ve made already! WHAT!?

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That’s fabulous @skrutt! very snazzy!!


Ok, everyone, it is the end of the quarter for this sockalong…if anyone has any last minute posts to get another ticket for the drawing, you have until Midnight April 3!!

I will draw a name for a prize!




In a shocking plot-twist no one saw coming I actually worked up 4 rounds on The Sock this afternoon. It has been all over town all week, keeping me company in the evenings, and sleeping on my bedside table. Finally, finally, I actually picked it up.

Maybe I’ll turn that heel yet. Lol


Woohoo!! I had faith in this plot twist. :wink:


Don’t feel too bad, I’ve been carrying around a half finished giant olive since Linda mentioned them, about 2 years now. Maybe 3. It’s my constant companion, that I constantly ignore, lol.


I remember you starting that olive lol

It’s like the year when I was a kid that my mother carried a full watermelon everywhere for like the entire summer. So much so that we just called it “the baby.” She brought it to every picnic and every get together and no one ever really wanted it so she never cut into it. Lol


Fool of a Took!
Did 4 rounds, forgot to do the second cable and now have to tink the whole lot out.
The end


Unpicking at the library while my kid instructs others how to play with the dollhouse. (Apparently one is “supposed” to play “full days” not all willy-nilly meal times and such. Ay yi yi

[expletive deleted] Update.

I unpicked it all. Took forever. Then stitched back up to move forward.

And I think I did the wrong cable. :weary:

I want to leave it and just keep going but then these can only be for me and I’ve been toying with the idea of gifting them if completed by the June birthday of an equally big-footed friend.

So now to unpick the same 4 effing rows. Again. Kill me.


It’s a really pretty pattern, @AntBee - sorry to hear it’s giving you fits.

I started a pair of sport-weight socks on Easter. Just Yer Basic Sport Socks in Ella Rae Eco Tweed. Just got to the heel last night, but wasn’t in the mood to try anything new (this is my first pair of needle-knit socks). I really like this yarn.


Can anyone help my old eyes here? Is this a dropped stitch or is it just a gap? I’ve unpicked my way back to the cable and now I am looking at this spot.


Is your count off? I admit I had a similar looking spot on my socks, so I’m thinking it’s just a gap. I forged ahead and probably only I can see the offending spot now.


I’ll have to go back to it and count the stitches, good point. I was unpicking during Kidlet’s dance class 45 minutes and had to pack it up. Of course it wouldnt be the first time I drop a real stitch and somehow make up a fake one, lol.

Knitting is fun, right? Right? I’m totally going back to my Christmas socks after this. Lol


I have a heel! It wasn’t that bad (mostly because Crazy Sock Lady has a good video tutorial).