SOCKALONG with me - Knit, Crochet, Loom


My favorite thing to knit is socks. I am drawn to the many kinds of yarn and techniques and after you master the basics, you can really use any kind of knit pattern for the legs part…cables, ribs, basketweave, vines, etc. There are literally hundreds of patterns.

But, you can also make the yarn do the work and even the most basic pattern creates beautiful socks.

Whether you are a master or wanting to learn, let’s share the tips, techniques, ideas, and finished socks with each other.

Sockalong with me…

Please link any patterns that you use…I will make a list of them in this post as future reference!


I will gladly sockalong with you! I’m only aiming to complete one pair this year, all-cotton to-the-knee stockings on my AKB sock loom. I learned the toe-up method last year, using Kitchener stitch, and this is the video that was most helpful for me:


This “vanilla sock” pattern is on my list. Now I only need to learn how to knit :yarn: :smile:


Socks are fun! I finished a pair for husband day before Christmas. They were a tad bit large, but when I realised that I have to admit I just kept going.

It’s been a while since I made a pair for me. I should give that lovely neon sock garn another go. (It was misbehaving and put in the naughty pile)

I’m a Hooker, but I’ve always wanted to be able to make socks, but crocheted socks never seem to work quite as we’d like them to. So for Christmas, I bought myself an adjustable sock loom, 2 books on how to use that specific loom with 60 some-odd patterns, and 2 skeins of sock weight yarn from DGY. I hope to be able to dive into this soon-ish. After I get a few other things off my plate.

Thanks @AIMR for starting this! :kiss:

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I find that with crochet socks, it is best to use fingering yarn, which is quite thin but crochets thicker.

Here is the first pair I tried to knit but could not wrap my head around heels and toes so I just turned them into yoga socks! :smiley:



I did actually crochet a pair of socks, but I hate them. I’m not a particularly tight stitcher, but these were WAYYYYY too small, when I did it as written. I frogged them 4 or 5 times, and tried with larger hooks each time. I actually used a hook like 4 sizes bigger than it said. The toes and body fit great, so I went ahead and finished them as it said to. Too bad they are too small to get my foot into! The cuff & arch areas are way too tight, and don’t have enough stretch, so even though the fronts would fit, I can’t get them on. I do wonder if all the frogging stretched out any possible ‘give’ in the yarn.

Plus, it was supposed to work out in a pretty swirling color pattern, and one of them sorta did that. But the other ended up kinda blocky stripes of color instead. They make me sad to see, but I also can’t bear to toss them in the garbage either. :cry:


I started a class on the former Craftsy site that was for learning to crochet socks. I didn’t get very far! I also have a sock loom, and somewhere, I have some sock yarn. I think I’d rather have knit socks than crochet socks, so the loom might be what I start with.


I love to knit socks and have a pair on the needles right now, but I’m at work so can’t show you. It is the Banyan Tree pattern. All winter long, all me, hubby and son wear are handknit wool socks. Once you start knitting them and wearing them they become an addiction.

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I’ll be joining along with this one. One of my goals this year is to make some socks on my adjustable loom. It came with a DVD, so I should be able to figure it all out. I got it for my birthday probably 5 years ago and haven’t done anything with it, but vow that changes this year. :slight_smile:


I’m in! I love knitting socks (because I also love hoarding sock yarn) but it usually takes me months to complete a pair. This will be nice for motivation!

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Those colors, and how they worked up, are gorgeous. Since you can’t wear them, what do you think about frogging them and using the yarn for your first loom-knit pair? The yarn might be kinda worn-out by now, but that might mean less stress when starting the new technique.

I think they are pretty!!! I dont have sensitive feet by any means…but I just dont love the feel of crochet stitches under my feet. I learned to knit (finally) after a tutorial on youtube by hectanooga. She taught me continental and now its a breeze. An expensive breeze. Knitting stuff is soooo expensive compared to crochet stuff.

I am so in! I love knitting socks. I usually have a pair on the needles as a purse project but sometimes I switch it out for a sockhead hat that suits the same purpose. They take me forever but keep my hands happily busy when life takes me places where I have to sit and wait. The ADD is strong in me.

Hey! Great to see all you…with that being said, I will cast on later today…hubby has physical therapy twice a week so I can use that time to get through the hour wait…by the time he gets done, I might have a pair of socks done!

Now, to pick out yarn…I plan to only use stash so hope something catches my eye…

I’d love to join in here, too- will yoga socks be “enough sock” to play? Lol i want to knit “real” socks, too, but i have one pair of yogas that have been on my todo list (for a gift) for too long.

Great idea for an “-along” thanks for starting one up!

definitely! I also want to do a pair of flip flop socks…I know, I know…it sounds insane but everyone around here wears flip flops…and sometimes it is a bit chilly…


I decided to make a simple pair of socks because I am going to use some sock yarn that I received from @loves2experiment today! The yarn will make the socks fun so a simple pattern is all I need:

A Nice Ribbed Sock

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I like knitting socks, but I nearly always give them away, even though I like wearing them too. I have some lovely ones I’ve received from swap buddies in the past :heart:

I did get myself some nice alpaca blend last year, so it might be time to cast on soon. No thoughts on pattern yet though.

I got a little addi sock wonder needle, which I love to use for socks, and mitts too. The drawback is I can’t do two at a time, but it knits so smoothly! and compact for travel knitting. Does anyone else have favourite sock needles?