Soda can ornament

At work, we played Secret Santa. Dollar limits were pretty low, so I ended up crafting a few things to add to the purchased items. One was a geometric tree ornament made from two soda cans.

I was surprised how flimsy the metal was. It has gotten thinner since the last time I worked with pop can metal!


That is really lovely! I have nieces and nephews that each have their own favorite…I stock my extra fridge with all of the kinds when I know they will be coming to visit…it would be a great idea to make them each an ornament from their favorite!

Yes, you are right, though, the metal is so flimsy…I remember making candle holders from the cans and cutting was a bear…now, the shape won’t hold…

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What a cool idea! It looks great!

I made a this at Christmas and I was also really surprised how flimsy the aluminum was, I remember making things with these types of cans years ago and they were definitely made of tougher stuff. I love your ornament though, it’s really cool, and a great way to add to a Secret Santa at work. :smiley:

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Thanks! Your ornament is cool, too!

I love you said pop. I’ve eradicated it from my vocabulary, but I love it when I hear it.

Also, your project is fun! Great execution!

Super cool!!

So pretty! The colors are so Christmas-y, too!

Such a nice little ornament :smiley: And yes, the cans are thinner, but you still did it :smiley: