Something not quite right

Hey y’all, fyi “free pattern” is listed as a tag in the food category.

Could you please tell me exactly where you see it listed? I don’t see it in tags

Sure thing. When I go to post something in food & drink, choose completed project then click the dropdown menu for tags it’s there. Free pattern, between feature & misc.

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  1. Go to Food and Drink
  2. Select "all tags’
    You can see it there.

I think the name might be off…you can select it as a tag under food if you present a recipe in the completed section…maybe it should be “free recipe”?

When you do a search on free pattern, free recipes will show up as well…

Ah, yes. It’s one of the Staff Tags. They are in a bundle to use all over the site (so I didn’t have to create a staff set for every category). You shouldn’t be able to select it, though, unless you have staff on your profile. I’ll see if I can remove it from that view entirely.

The place I saw it first was when acadiandriftwood posted her picked carrot and daikon radish tutorial.

Ha, funny! I guess it is a sort of food pattern.

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