Sometimes You Have to Pat Your Own Back-Positive Affirmations Book

I joined a bookmaking challenge to motivate me to use up some of my paper and collage stash. There will be 5 books to learn how to make and decorate.

Here is my day 1 accordion fold book:

The words I stole from @photojenn because they truly spoke to me. This is the cover.

The book opens up to 8 pockets where I put in tags I made for prompts to get me going.

I had made several collages using a travel brochure and old photo album paper so I decided to use one to make the inside tags instead of making new ones.



I love the security-envelope botanicals! That’s such a cool twist on flower fodder.

Thanks! I got a bit carried away and have so many envelopes saved up…I just keep them in a drawer by my desk and doodle on them. I cut them out as needed. I used some security envelopes in the collages as well.

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Really lovely.

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Beautiful book and inserts! Very artistic collages.

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This is beautiful!! I love the motivational sentiments.

The travel brochure was for a trip to Greece that I didn’t get to take (yet!)…on some of the tags, you can see the familiar white houses with the red tile roofs and the Mediterranean Sea. This little book will be a reminder of that as well.

It turned out great!

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This is really cool! I love how the blue of the book pockets really sets off the oranges on the tags! YEY COLORWHEEL!

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You got that right! I finally bought myself a colorwheel and have been playing with various combinations. I am drawn to high contrast, which can be bad since mixed together can create muddy colors. It is trying my patience to wait for the paint to dry before adding the contrast, but, I do like it.

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Like literally muddy since complementary colors combine to make browns! :joy:
I mean unless you’re from somewhere with red mud or something, I guess. :thinking:

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uhm, NC is known for having red, orange and yellow mud…:slight_smile:

Well there you go!

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Nice! I particularly love the tags,

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