Southern Brazil-inspired ATCs

I got my stepmother into making ATCs to trade with our family.

She sent us some a few weeks back, and I decided to surprise her with ATCs inspired by her state in Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul), the southernmost one.

This is Basílica Menor de Nossa Senhora das Dores (Our Lady of Sorrows Minor Basilica), a big church in the city where my stepmom was born.

This is chimarrão, a traditional drink in the South of Brazil, made from “erva mate,” scientific name Ilex Paraguensis.

While the origin of “erva mate/yerba mate/chimarrão” is disputed, most agree that indigenous people from South America (in the region that is now Paraguay) were the first to infuse it.

The background colours are her state’s flag.


What a wonderful way to celebrate your relationships! And your cards are very vivid and evocative; love them!

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These are so colorful and packed with meaning for the recipient! I love to see another member here making family ATCs.

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I adore the ATCs for your mother-in-law. (I loved Porto Alegre. And the special cups and straws for mate.)

I was going through my photos recently and came across this one I took of the sign for the men’s room in a public building in Porto Alegre - someone had a great sense of humour! (Sorry 'bout the poor photo quality…)

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Love these as a personal gift idea! The church is gorgeous.

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That’s really funny :joy:

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Thank you for your kind words, everyone!