Spice Jar Labels

I’ve been working on getting a couple of different kitchen cupboards tuned up/de-cluttered while also working on redoing out pantry. Part of that is gettting the spice cabinet under control and part of that was getting the most-used spices moved into this rack that I have had for decades, but not used in several years.

Now that I finally made my first vinyl project, I felt confident enough to attempt this project!

After I asked TheMisterT - who does pretty much all the cooking - which were the 12 spices he used most and he chose these and I chose to go with a purple ombre effect since purple and green are the accent colors in our kitchen.

It is hung underneath one of the upper cabinets adjacent the stove.

I made jpgs using Photoshop and a font I already had (Berlin Sans FB) that I then uploaded to Cricut Design Space. I cut them with my Cricut Explore. I used Oracal 651 vinyl.


This looks really nice. Well done.

Nice, I’m going to have to do something like that for my new kitchen. Like the MrT we use a lot of spices, it would be good to have them all to hand like this. (Say hi to him for me x)

Thanks, friends!

Can’t wait to see what you come up with… and maybe some shots of your new place!
I still have so much sorting and organizing to do in the spice cabinet to get a bunch of the seldom used stuff either put somewhere else or tossed due to age! I will pass along your greetings, please do the same to yours from us.

So classy!

My spices are all in cheapo plastic bottles. I buy them in cellophane packs, and cut out and tape the printed package labels onto the jars. Sooo elegant!

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Why thank you! Don’t be fooled, most of our spices are in whatever jar they came from the store in or used ones we’ve washed for spices we’re able to buy by weight.

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These look so good! That little corner in your kitchen looks so professional! Great job!

Awwww, thanks! I refinished the cabinets, replaced the glass with metal in the door, refinished the counters, and installed the tile backsplash, too! A few years ago.

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Yes!! Way to grab and apply those “i” dots perfectly!

I, too, am in desperate need of some spice organization.

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They look great!!

Just wanted to mention incase you didn’t already know - you can use any font installed on your computer (I also love dafont for new free ones) in Design Space. You can type, ungroup the letters to move them around individually, then weld them together when you’re done so they cut out how you want. Totally not necessary if Photoshop works for you but it’s another option.

Edited to add - here’s the YouTube video I watched when I got my Cricut on how to work with text. She’s using an older version of design space so it looks a little different but all of the concepts are still the same.


OH, wow! Thanks! When I had tried using letters in Design Space a few years ago (without the benefit of any advice) I found they wanted to charge me quite a bit! I will give it a try. I am pretty comfortable with PS, but I have the very last non-subscription version of it - for Windows 7 or something… so I won’t have it forever!

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When you add text you can filter on System and it will show all of the fonts installed on your computer and use them for free. One gotcha I’ve ran into is you need to restart Design Space if you install a new font while it’s open else you won’t be able to use it.

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Cool! I have some added complications: we run Linux for our home computers, backup server, etc. so I have to use a Windows Virtual Machine to use Cricut which means that I have to install fonts in two operating systems or at least make sure they’re installed in Windows in order to use them in PS or DS. I can see that I will probably refer back to this thread when I finally lose my current Windows VM and therefore have to get Windows 10 or whatever and likely my version of PS won’t work with that. Also, I won’t be buying their subscription which is ridiculously costly. Sigh!

Those are gorgeous! Love the purple ombre and the font, too. :purple_heart:

Thank you! The font is Berlin Sans FB and I probably downloaded it from FontEmpire.

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They turned out great! So fancy!

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Great job my Friend!

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These turned out really great!


Lovely design. They fit well into the aesthetics of your kitchen.


Thanks so much everyone!