Spread positivity! TM & appliqué patches

Affirmations for friends, coworkers & to abandon.
This TM patch was sent to me in a swap, if you made it please let me know!

I like the asymmetrical wire on this one.

A different technique for this one, it’s very firm & sturdy.

This is backed with a magnetic sheet.

These came to me from @calluna, I added messages I thought she’d appreciate.

They’re all going out in the mail today!!


Gorgeous work as always!

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I spy mushrooms! :green_heart:

(they’re all pretty great, tho.)

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These are lovely!

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These are wonderful! :two_hearts: I really love the addition of the hammered copper wire. Makes them look so beautifully finished and ready to display. :cherry_blossom:

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Thanks all! Lunchbreak post office run is happening now!


:green_heart: :green_heart: :green_heart: :laughing:

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Wonderful! What a great piece of happy mail these will be!

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These are lovely!! I’m loving this new interpretive use for TM patches!

These are so beautiful. Love the textures, colors, and sentiment. Beautiful all the way around.

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Congrats! Your awesome patches are one of this week’s featured projects! You rock!