Spring Gardening Sampler

I started this piece a couple weeks ago and toward the end I definitely had a love/hate relationship going on. (That’s how I get with any big project. :laughing:) In the end, I’m glad I stuck with it - I love the little shed and greenhouse!! I temporarily framed it just so I could hang it up right away. :blush: Ya know, the world is ending so I’m responsibly just using a frame I had on hand temporarily.

Size: 8 x 11 ish

Fabric: 18 ct oatmeal Aida

Pattern: The pattern is by Faye Walsh of Little Dove Designs and I got it from the April 2020 issue of Cross Stitcher magazine.

Fun Factor: I loved the little gardening bits and the lettering. The top picture with the greenhouse and shed was my favorite.

Not-So-Fun Factor: Got SO sick of green 905. I would have appreciated a wider color palette. I hated doing the repetitive leaves/borders. It seemed like a slow moving pattern.

Changes: One color was slightly different since my store didn’t have any. All other “changes” were tiny mistakes in counting where I said “Eh, screw it.” and left them. None were noticable unless you somehow had the pattern memorized. I messed up counting and placement on this SO many times. :weary:

Now for a couple more shots:

Thanks for looking!


Beeeeuuuutifffulllll … not sure how else to show emotion in a typed word :heart_eyes:


I love this! The little shed is so sweet!

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This is so sweet! You are the master of the sampler.

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So many little details! I think you finished this super quick in the world of cross stitch…I think I have one I started for my mom when I was in 7th grade…

It’s super cute!

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This is so cheerful and ehm, spring-y?

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Thank you! Although after doing two back-to-back I’m sticking with small projects for a while. :rofl:

Yea…I put in a lot of time for the past couple weeks. I need small, instant-gratification projects now. Lol! And thank you for the kind words!

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so many tiny little stitches. I admire xstitch. it’s so well plotted. beautiful.

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You are a cross stitching MACHINE sister, wowza.

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@magpie Yes and no. Lol. The last piece I had posted (the egg hunt one) was finished about two weeks before I posted it. Had to wait for it to be framed first. Either way though, I’ve recently become obsessed with cross stitch. :rofl:

Very sweet and so nicely stitched

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Oh lovely! The little garden gate is so cute!

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It’s so bright and cheery! I’m glad you stuck with it so that you could share it with us.

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Very nice!

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