Star Trek Reversible Dog Vests 🖖

About a dozen years ago, someone saw a Star Trek Dog Vest I had posted on Craftster and contacted me about having my project be in a book! The Star Trek Craft Book, to be exact!

How could I say no? Anyway, part of doing that was making a view vests in different states of completion for step-out photos that they returned to me after the final approval of the book was given and it went to press.



I don’t have a big WIP pile when it comes to crafts, but these have been in it for awhile! I decided to go ahead and finish them so I could donate them to Craft Stars Garage Sale Round 2.

I had forgotten that I had made them in slightly different sizes, probably to fit each of our dogs at the time (that’s our dearly departed Betty doing the modeling). Neither of the ones in the sale have ever been worn.

Each vest has a Science Blue side and a Command Gold side, both have the Star Fleet emblem (not a functioning communicator). Hook & loop closures at chest and low neck.

Craft Stars Garage Sale on eBay



Those are so darn adorable and fun!

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These are so cute! I have a Trekkie friend who recently adopted a puppy…hmmm…

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Very cool on so many counts! The book is interesting for any Star Trek fan!

The vests look so official! Beam me up, Scottie!

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Thanks, everyone! It was a fun experience to be included in a book and fun to make some ST dog outfits! Here’s an old pic of Delia rocking Command Gold!


These are flipping awesome!

Thank you!!!

Aaaaaaa so fun!

Love these!! And your book feature!! :star_struck:

Thanks, everyone!

These are so fun. They almost make me wish I had a dog. (Just got serious side-eye from the cats).


Oh my goodness!! These are THE cutest!

Too cute!

What a wonderful well deserved honor. My fingers are wanting to do the Trek thing.

Thanks everyone! The book came out in 2013, I think, so it’s been a long time, but still a fun thing! I think it gets the goat of TheMisterT a little that I was published before he was. :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


:vulcan_salute: :dog: :rocket: Congratulations! Your Star Trek Reversible Dog Vests are a Featured Project this week! :rocket: :dog: :vulcan_salute:

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Oh, wow! Thank you!

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So so awesome!

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Star trek…So cute! This makes me smile!

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That is fantastic! Congrats.

Good thing you didn’t make a red shirt.

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