Craft Stars Garage Sale Round 2 - Info & Discussion Thread

:point_right: :point_right: :point_right: Craft Stars Garage Sale on eBay

As promised, I am running another round of the hugely popular Craft Stars Garage Sale Fundraiser! Just like the last round, this sale will raise funds to keep Lettuce Craft running. I will be accepting hand made items, and quality craft supplies in usable quantities*, for the sale. These can be things like a shawl you made simply because you loved the yarn, but didn’t have a recipient in mind. Or a nice quilt pattern and bundle of fat quarters, that have been in your stash, but you wish to pass on to a new home.

The sale will be run entirely on eBay, and will open on April 6th, 2024. It will run for at least 30 days, with the possibility of continuing a few extra weeks if needed.

For this round we are also having a fun theme…
:sunny: :rainbow: :heart: Sunshine & Rainbows! :heart: :rainbow: :sunny:

The theme is totally optional, and just for fun. Donated items do NOT need to ‘match the theme’, but can if you wish. Most items will be sold as ‘Buy It Now’ sales, so things will go quickly. However, we have at least 2 special listings that will be sold Auction-style over 10 days. The first one is this beautiful sampler quilt and matching pillow. The second is an awesome bundle of Sunshine & Rainbows themed items made by the Mod Squad! Everyone is invited to watch the fun, and bid on these special items if they wish.

If you would like to donate, that’s wonderful. Please send me an email with the following information:

-A brief description of the item, including dimensions and materials, and some good digital photos of the piece. The kind of information you would include for eBay if you were selling it yourself (or as part of a good project post).

-Suggested price for your item. This is a fundraiser so we are looking for a wide range in prices, so folks with differing means can still hopefully buy something, but please don’t sell your work short by underpricing it. I reserve the right to alter the price if needed.

-You need to be willing and able to ship the item to the recipient within 3 days of the sale, at your own cost, and buying your own postage. This is a fundraiser. Last round we sold hundreds of items, and with all that to manage, I simply cannot reimburse everyone for postage via PayPal for each sale.

-Your Lettuce Craft username, so I can note it within the sale listing. That way someone could say, ‘Oh look, I totally want to by one of Harlan’s awesome felted brooches!’

-Where you are shipping from (city & state or country), AND if you are willing to ship your items internationally. This is not required. Some folks just can’t afford to do so right now, and we respect that.

I know some of you might have 1 or 2 items around, while others might have 30. To keep things manageable for myself, the current limit is a max of 3 donations at one time. If your items are selling well, I can add more listings if you have more you want to donate.

For reference, there is an example listing in the second post of this thread.

Please send your donation information and photos to me, via email. To get my email address, just send me a Private Message on LC, asking for it. (Sorry, I don’t want to post it publicly on the page!) If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask me.

-How do I find the Garage Sale? Once the sale is open, there will be a link at the very top of this post.

-‘In usable quantities’ - Means that a supply should be enough to make something with. For example, if donating yarn, you would want to make sure the buyer had enough to actually make something from it, such as a hat. Meanwhile some materials might be usable in small quantities, such as a bundle of fabric scraps all cut to the size of a Charm Pack.

-Please do not ask to keep this running indefinitely. It is simply not possible.

-Yes, you can totally discuss donated items, and show off pictures of the items you purchased here in this thread! We’d all love to see them in their new homes!

-If you wish to contribute funds directly without making an eBay purchase, please visit the Donate to Lettuce Craft page. When donating this way, please specify your LC username in the Notes section.

-Donating an item to, buying an item from, or donating funds directly, all earn an awesome new LC Sunshine Squad Badge!

-If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask here in the thread, or via PM.



Sold Listings (On LC)
-Mini Cactus Hoop
-Home Sweet Home Hoop
-Blue Kwality-Style Monster Tote Bag
-Red Flower Leather Earrings
-Mid-Length Vintage Necklace
-Sunrise on the Water
-Jewelled Geometric
-Crochet Gecko Bookmark
-Desert Sunrise Feather B (Purple Shaft)
-Highland Cow Blonde A
-Highland Cow Blonde B
-Highland Cow Platinum A
-Highland Cow Platinum B
-Highland Cow Brown A
-Highland Cow Brown B
-Hand Knit Socks
-Lilac & Teal Mandala
-Scrappy Quilted Log Cabin Oversize Coasters
-Handmade Crochet Seaweed Cotton Shawl

:sparkles: :heart: :rainbow: :star_struck: :package: :sparkles: :heart: :rainbow: :star_struck: :package: :sparkles: :heart: :rainbow: :star_struck: :package: :sparkles: :heart: :rainbow: :star_struck: :package: :sparkles: :heart: :rainbow: :star_struck: :package: :sparkles: :heart: :rainbow: :star_struck: :package: :sparkles:

Example Listing

A brief description of the item, including dimensions and materials, and some good digital photos of the piece.

(picture of the entire listing)

This listing is for one handmade sampler quilt and matching pillow. Both made by MistressJennie. The quilt measures 58" square, and the pillow is 14" square. It was created over the course of 2023 and 2024, as part of the Quiltalong on Lettuce Craft, and features numerous Blocks of the Month from that craftalong. I am able to ship worldwide.

The quilt front is pieced from hand dyed cottons from Darn Good Yarn, with sashing & binding from Robert Kaufman’s Kona Cotton line, and Moda Grunge backing. It is 100% cotton, including Warm & Natural all-cotton batting, and a simple meandering free-motion quilting pattern, in a matching Bone colored thread. Quilt blocks include a mix of traditional and modern quilt blocks, including Double Aster, Snail Trail, Entwined Star, Quarter Log Cabin, Wonky Star, Fancy Star, Star Puzzle, Woven Star, Blazing Star, Woven Heart (set on point), House Divided, Buttercup, House (traditional), Dutchman’s Puzzle, Aztec Jewel, and improvised Flying Geese and Diamond blocks. Both the quilt & pillow have been washed and dried twice with Free & Clear (unscented) detergent, and Color Catcher sheets to prevent any future dye bleeding. The washing and drying have also shrunk the pieces, so they will not change if the buyer washes & dries them.

(Additional pictures)

-Suggested price for your item.


-Your Lettuce Craft username


-Where you are shipping from (city & state or country), AND if you are willing to ship your items internationally.

Champaign, IL, USA
I am willing to ship internationally.


:heart::heart::heart:!! @moderators


What great timing! I have a box of goodies with no recipient in mind! Let me pick the best to donate for the cause!

The quilt is lovely…and what a wonderful thing to be able to trace it throughout LC from the quiltalong to your post…being able to see the process and the final product is a great experience. I know it will go quickly!


THANK YOU, Jennie for running the sale again! I’m excited about my contribution to the Sunshine & Rainbows Bundle and a few other things I have made! I hope others will be, too!


So excited for the garage sale!


Yesss!! I’m so excited!!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Off to get my donations ready…


Oh cool!! I have several watercolours that will be easy to mail anywhere :rainbow: Thanks so much for organising this again @MistressJennie!


One of my resolutions last year was to save up some of those no-reason crafts for just such an occasion. So pleased to have a bunch of scrappy goods ready to offer for this great idea. Thanks for organizing Jennie!


Had so much fun crafting for the last mod bundle. It really challenged me to try something new. This time will be no exception! A little nervous and extremely excited! :heart:


I’d love to add a few things to the sale. I hope I’ll have some time to craft something!


I’ll see about making some polymer clay figures for the auction.


Mhm what to make and donate… maybe some of mty shawls again…
I”ll give it some thoughts.

Thank you Jennie, I know this is so much work for you :orange_heart::orange_heart:


I still wear the shawl I got from you all the time in spring/summer, and people still give me compliments about it!

I think I have a few things to put up for sale, including embroidery and hand-knitted socks.


It says a lot about LC that I automatically assumed “in usable quantities” meant “limit it to reasonable quantities” :laughing:.


I might offer up these gorgeous yarn cakes I’ve had in my stash but am unable to use because of my hands. They’re super long color change (one change throughout the length of the entire cake). Would anyone be interested in something like that?


I don’t use yarn, it’s my Kryptonite, but that is gorgeous!




I also have some yarn that I will probably never use…beautiful cake…perfect for a shawl!