Star Wars Day Dinner Party

A series of Star Wars inspired foods from our May 4th dinner party.

Main Dishes: Jabba the Hummus veggie plate, Tie Fighter meatballs, and Death Star Pizza

Our guest brought Lightsaber pretzels and Wookie cookies.

Themes are my favorite. I’m so lucky to have friends to geek out with.


I’m not a Star Wars person but this is epic!

Wookie cookies! why didn’t I think of this?

How fun is this? A LOT!

Oh my goodness. I’m LIVING for that Jabba veggie plate! This is all around awesome and hurray for geeky friends!!

That’s an incredible spread! The veggie plate is get-outta-here good, I just love that.
Wookie Cookie has a way different meaning around here, iconic Grateful Dead food, lol.


How fun is this?!?!!

Looks like the Tie Fighter meatballs were popular! Love Jabba and the Wookie cookies.

Haha, definitely wouldn’t put a goo’ball or wook’ed-up anything on a table spread without a lable :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:

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Are you a Phish-head Sarah? @Abbeeroad made my mister a fabulous mug rug, check 'er out!


This is awesome! I hope you had a great dinner party!

Guilty as charged, I really like the mug rug.


It looks delicious and so fun! I love the Wookie Cookies!!

That veggie tray 8s so simple, yet effective. Well done!

:sparkles: :space_invader: :rocket: Congratulations! Your sweet awesome Star Wars Day Dinner Party is a Featured Project this week! :rocket: :space_invader: :sparkles:

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This is THE COOLEST!!!

how fun!

What a fun looking party! I love the Jabba the Hummus veggie plate the best. So cute!