Star Wars Ornaments

I made a couple of simple Star Wars ornaments for SaintCady in the 12 days of Christmas swap.

First, we have the ole’ tie-fighter in an orb. I used alcohol ink to create a galaxy look inside the plastic ornament. Originally I did both sides but you couldn’t really see the ship so I went with just the back with a clear front. I picked up the mini tie-fighter from eBay.

I also picked up an inexpensive Lego set with a few Jawas and some droids from eBay. I set them up inside the plastic ornament. I decided it needed sand so I added some kinetic sand.


These are really cool!

Oh, man, both of these are so nerd-tastic! I love both of them; so clever.

I really like the galaxy background you created, it looks so good!

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We have a super geeky Christmas tree and these fit right in! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Love these! Way cool.

These are awesome!