Starry buttons

I had a stash of buttons to work with and after @Magpie’s suggestion of this I decided to try it.

I started with this and added all my buttons with hot glue to get this. I used about four sticks of glue and a quarter of my buttons to get it all filled in.

The contact paper started to fall off so I ditched it
I spray painted it gold at @BigMamma83’s house since she had the paint, and used about three coats.

I wasn’t liking the little strings left behind by the glue gun so I added black paint, silver glitter, and plastic rhinestones to get the final product. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it yet.


It came out so pretty!


Ooh, that is so gorgeous!

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Niiice! @sheepBlue, look what you inspired!


That turned out great! It’s an awesome way to bust some random whimsy/button stash! :wink:

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This is has me wondering if I could use my seashells in a similar manor? I’ve made my fill of seashell jewelry

Maybe put it in a frame, and take out the glass - the whole thing will be supported with the frame, but it will be touchable and you won’t miss out on any of the texture.

I love your solutioning. The star paint is also on target.

@geekgirl - did you see this?

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This is great!!

Great use of the buttons it came out lovely.

So many buttons!
Looks great!

Great use of buttons, and the paint job is amazing :smiley: the combination of blue and gold is wonderful

What a fun project and a great way to use up some of your buttons! I really like the contrasting colors between the star and the button background.