Steampunk guns, from dollar store guns

These were made from some dollar store toy guns.

Two were kinda ‘contemporary’ and one was what I would think of as a cowboy gun.

I used two cheap doctors toy sets, the kind with stetescopes (sp?) And syringes etc. Glued lots of bits on, with other random stuff I have lying around. Then spray painted. I added more paint, but still wasn’t happy. The tube bits reacted with the spray paint and stayed sticky.

So I busted out the silver leaf. After dirtying the guns with some brown paint, I added silver leaf here and there. Wrapped the handles with strips of pleather. Added some copper wire to the cowboy gun, this is the least successful imho.

And since it’s steampunk, glued on lots of gears.


These are so much fun! I love them!


Cool! I love the filigree cones.


You’re a mad scientist with the dollar store toys! They look very cool!


Thanks :grin:, They are the bottom half of plastic curtain rod finials.


Those are amazing!!!


Oh my goodnesd, @Bunny1kenobi this is so cool and right up your alley! These are amazing!!

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Wow! Super awesome! I love all the touches trust make them so unique!


Amazing transformations!


So cool!
I have some squirt guns that I’ve contemplated painting, either steampunk or space-age stuff. This is inspiring me to dig them up.

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These are awesome!

:boom: Congratulations! Your awesome project is one of this week’s featured projects! :boom:

They turned out very cool!

Aw, thank you sweetie xx

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Ooooh I think they look great @Edel, I love all the tubes and attachments!! Great idea working around the sticky tube problem with the silver leaf too.

I have a vague memory of taking apart some toy guns (that I had from previous fancy dress parties!) to steampunk up for the ole steampunk wedding, but for the life of me I can’t remember if we did or what happened to them!! :face_with_spiral_eyes:

This is so fabulous. I’m going to a festival next weekend where there are a lot of steampunk groups. They would have loved this .