Steampunk top hat

I’ve finally settled on the decorations for my steampunk hat. @wulf I took your suggestion and doubled up the feathers to make them look fuller. @Magpie the mushrooms went on for your march mushroom madness. I think it was @steiconi who suggested pulling some Lace down to cover an eye. I’ve made it so it can be pulled down or tucked back into the brim. The lace itself is from a thrifted blouse I bought about a million years ago.


That looks so awesome on you, oh my gosh. And I love the mushrooms! LOVE!

This is simply marvelous!

Love the whole thing! Black and red, a timeless color combo :heart:

The feathers look much better that way! Lovely piece. :green_heart:

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How cool! Can’t wait to see the whole outfit!

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You look terrific in your hat! Just love the nod to a little tea party…with wee mushrooms!

The netting is so mysterious and sexy…the fullness of the feathers balances out the larger pieces in front…

oohhh…so excited to see you all dressed up

Looks great!

@Edel you in this hat is FIERCE. and your direct gaze in this photo paired with the lighting, hat, etc. is striking.

Absolute love.

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@JoyfulClover. Aw, thanks, you’ve made my day :grin:

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Oh my goodness! This is so fantastic darling. I want to hop aboard your airship and set sail into adventures with sky pirates. :pirate_flag: :tophat: :black_heart:

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goodness gracious! I’m in love!!

It looks so fab!

This is an amazing piece! The colors with the mushroom accents and spotted lace make me think of animals who use that to mean “don’t eat me, I’m toxic!” Which makes me giggle at the little teacup part. :smile:

Oh my WORD!!! Stupendous! I love it! Love the feathers, love the mushrooms, love the wee teacup! Love the crow, the netting, the goggles… this rocks!! :metal:


Oooh, love it!! My wedding was Steampunk and I adore the look, especially the hats. It looks fantastic, I love the mushrooms especially.