Stitchin' With My Gnomies - A Trio of Needleminders

I just remembered that I made these needleminders last year! I was waiting until after Christmas to post them since two were gifts for a couple of my besties.

They’re made from buttons from which I cut the shanks and then glued on a magnet.


SO cute! I think I have those buttons, I’ve been hoarding them because they are just too much.

These are so adorable! And, what a clever idea to make them from buttons! If I hadn’t just given my sister a needle-minder for Christmas, I would be searching for cool buttons to make her one. I might keep a casual eye out anyway, in case she loses the one she has!

:heart_eyes: so cute!

@Magpie you sent me one of those buttons in the amazing little bundle of awesome you sent me last year. I love him!

With the mushroom pincushion fabric! You could make a needle minder with him. I could make a needle minder with one. So cute!

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These are adorable!

I might need to go through my buttons- or find some like this… I could use a needle minder!! :heart_eyes:

Flippin’ adorable!

So simple, cute, and practical! I am sure they are well loved and well used!

Hahaha. So cute and clever!

Thank you, friends!

The guy in green is the one I kept for myself and I am using him right now on a project I started last night. In fact, that’s what reminded me to post 'em!


Love these!

Too cool for school!

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Adorable and festively.

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