STS 2020 Discussion

Tbh, just like a real craft fair you never know which crafted items will be hot sellers :slight_smile:

In past rounds I have claimed items that are obviously not my style but were perfect for someone on my Christmas list (oh yes, the holiday season is not too far away).

My recommendation is to make things you love. If you love what you made, chances are somebody else will love it too!

And I will brb to give you a condensed version of how the swap works. It’ll take me a few minutes to gather my thoughts :smiley:


STS (condensed version)

  • Each participant starts out with 3 “loaner” points in his/her bank. As the swap progresses, you earn points by selling items, and may spend whatever points you have on items you like. Note: You can’t have a negative number of points in your bank :wink:

  • As the shop owner, you decide on the pricing of items, take and post pictures of items you’re offering and get to answer any questions folks might have about your items. You will also have to mark items as sold (when they’ve been claimed), maintain a record of what you sell and keep a tally of what’s in your bank. When an item has been claimed, you will need to ship the item out within a week (ya know, good customer service and stuff).

  • As a shopper, you need to make sure your claims are in the correct form. Sometimes there may be more than one person interested in an item. The first correct (and valid claim) gets the item. You should also make sure you have enough points in your bank to claim the item and maintain a record of what you’ve bought.

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. Nothing to it!
I’m in the process of rehauling the swap details, etc. More information and specifics will be available when the swap is ready for signups. Meanwhile, if there are questions, ask away!


Question: Do you have to pay back the loaner points, so technically everyone should end with 3 points in their bank?


Yes, everyone will need to have 3 points in their bank at the end of the swap :slight_smile:

That is what last call (over/under) is for.
Shops with more than 3 points will spend their extra points by making claims from shops with less than 3 points.


Taking a break from crafting for this swap and thought it might be nice to post an example of a sts shop…hmm…brb :smiley:

The posted example is not representative of actual items I will have in my shop for this round :wink:


All Things Lettuce Craft Swap Shop
All items (excluding supplies) are handcrafted by me in a non-smoking, pet-free household

Knitting Sentiment Hoopla - 1 point
Stitched on linen fabric.

Cabled Hat - 1 point
100% wool, adult medium size, handwash only.

Candy Roving - 2 points
Hand dyed 4 oz merino/silk blend.

Shibori Fabric - 2 points
Hand dyed linen blend fabric, measures 26" x 12".

Hair Pretties - 1 point
Set of 5 clips, made with fabric covered buttons.
Handcrafted 5

Patchwork Drawstring Bag - 1 point
Made with 100% cotton fabrics, measures 8" x 8".
Choose from Left, Middle, or Right.

Kitchen Towel - 1 point
100 % cotton towels and cotton embellishments.
Choose from Dotty, Floral or Heart.

3 Fat Quarters - 1 point
All quilting quality cotton fabrics.

Japanese Craft Book - 1 point
All instructions in Japanese.

Vintage Buttons Lot - 1 point
Acrylic buttons from my personal stash.
Supplies 3

send by oct 02
loves2experiment to swapaholic - candy roving - (2)
send by oct 05
loves2experiment to LC4Life - patchwork drawstring bag middle - (1)
loves2experiment to LC4Life - patchwork drawstring bag right - (1)
loves2experiment to SwapWithMe - kitchen towel dotty - (1)
send by oct 08
loves2experiment to happyshopper - vintage button lot - (1)

send by sept 28
littleswapshop to loves2experiment - handmade greeting card kit - (1)
send by oct 01
MissCrafty to loves2experiment - alpaca handspun yarn - (2)
send by oct 05
alteredmommy to loves2experiment - faux encaustic mixed media 4" by 4" - (2)

current: 3
pending: 1
total: 4


I haven’t crafted anything specifically for the swap yet, but my mind is spinning with ideas. I’ll definitely be in once I get my 5 crafted items fresh for this round.


Ooh, I can’t wait! I have ceramic pendants that I made for a holiday festival last year and without an event this year I have many left. :slight_smile:
I also have wooden miniature blanks of things like bottles and pots and some other miniature appropriate supplies. I am looking forward to spreading the miniature love around.


FAQs for this swap has been updated (see second post in this thread).
I’m still finishing up the swap details, but stay tuned…the swap will open for signups sometime tomorrow :slight_smile:

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And the swap is officially open for signups :slight_smile:

STS 2020

Returning STSers, there are a few minor changes in how things are done (mandatory start date for all shops, how we update items as claimed, etc.) so please be sure to read all the swap info!

New STSers, please feel free to ask questions if things don’t quite make sense to you :slight_smile: Everyone is here to help!


Just sent my info in!


I am going to sit down this weekend to gather stuff and sign up. This will be my first time. I’m so excited!


LOVE that you are joining us!

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Your minis are so cute!


Yaaas! So glad you decided to join us :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Is there a separate gallery or do we post sold items in the discussion thread?

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I just sent in my registration. This is my first time as well. I’m excited and a little nervous, but I’m sure I will figure it out.


It is seriously so easy. Glad you are joining us, Susie!

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What she said! That tiny b’day party! Oh my!

And MissingWillow has earned the distinction of being the :partying_face: first shop to be open for business!! :partying_face:

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