Stuffed Yeti

I wasn’t entirely sure what category to put this in… seems to be a common theme on all my posts, lol

For the ongoing wish swap this spring, I made this yeti for my partner. I had so much fun making him. The inspiration came from my partner’s Pinterest.

I made him out of a long wool sock that I’ve had for years and never wore, because they are too narrow for my feet. The socks had a white lining that wasn’t well connected to the outer portion. So I snipped the outer portion of the sock and used the lining to make the legs and body/head. I stuffed those, and then I used smaller portions of the sock to make the arms, stuff them, and attach them. The gray face came from a portion of the outer lining of the sock.

I love him and I’m so glad my partner loved him too :heart: :snowflake: :heart:


What a cute way to reuse something!


What a sweet face! And what a great way to utilize the material from ill-fitting socks!


Super cute! I’d have never guessed he was made from socks.


How cute! He looks so happy!

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I love this little guy! He is so soft and has such a sweet smile. You did a great job with the face. I love him!!1 Thank you so much.

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