Stumpwork mushroom

I made this today, I’m working on my crafty resolution of making something every day. This was today’s make. It was about 3.5 hours of stitching and I just kinda winged it from a photo.

The body and cap are stuffed with polyester wadding-probably not the best idea, but it seemed to work ok.


This is really cool! I love the fabric and the stumpwork is cool. I’ve never tried to do that before. Well done you!

Absolutely love the dimension! It’s sculptural! I hope to see more of your work!

I’ve been doing this as well! not completing, but working on something everyday. making an effort to be creative. I can’t wait to hear how yours goes!


That looks awesome! I love the texture you got with the floss :slight_smile:

I am going to count working on something as making something, but I am a fast crafter, because I tend to lose interest if things stretch out. I try to get things done in one sitting-unless it’s a quilt, then it might be two :joy:


This looks so cool! The background fabric sets the scene very well.

Both of you keep an eye out next month for the Thing-A-Day craftalong where we commit to working on something every day of February! You’ll have a head start on momentum and we’d love to share that spirit.



Great resolution :smiley: and the mushroom looks amazing, the backing is also wonderful, makes it all way more magical :smiley:

I also seem to lose interest if the project lags on and on…I will look forward to that challenge…it will help destash and if I use scraps, I am ticking off a lot of craftalongs! :smiley:

I planned to commit to the Feb craftalong for sure. Not so for sure I’ll be able to make awesome stumpwork :mushroom: hoops in one day though, wow!

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Cool! I love the background fabric you chose to go with it. Very fun and funky.

I’d never heard of stumpwork before the Craft Stars garage sale. I love the idea of adding dimension to an embroidery hoop, I feel like it opens a whole new world of possibilities! Your mushroom definitely ‘pops’ and that background fabric is perfect!

I’m also impressed by your resolution. I would love to do something creative each day, that’s something I definitely need to work on (especially if I can find quick crafts that I can actually finish in a day, then I’d really feel accomplished!)!

This is awesome. And I like the spotted background. It looks spore-like.

Love your stumpwork mushroom.
Your choice of background fabric totally complements the stumpwork mushroom :slight_smile:
And well done you! You’re doing fab with your crafty resolution!

This came out great! Is the background fabric one of your own dye designs, too?

I love it, especially the mushroom cup.

@AntBee the fabric is a batik that someone sent me in a swap (I think) I wish I could dye fabric like that, it’s awesome

that is gorgeous - I love that fabric you stitched it on too! Very bright and dynamic

This is wonderful. I love the way it blends so well with the fabric.

I love how organic that mushroom looks! It’s almost like you just plucked it from the ground and placed it on the fabric.

I’m very impressed with your thing a day resolution! It’s inspiring me to dig out my temperature scarf from 2018 (I think) and finish it!