Stumpwork silhouette portrait

Made for a friend’s youngster after he first started wearing glasses and was feeling a bit self-conscious about it.

Stumpwork embroidery makes some fun 3-D elements possible.

Lions have become a bit of a theme in things I craft for our friend so the back is covered in some of my very favourite vintage fabric.


I absolutely LOVE this! It is so perfect. The glasses are the best.

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Love how you used the stumpwork!

Nice of you to nip that self-consciousness in the bud by showing that glasses look quite good!

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How sweet of you, and nice work!

(I want a hoop where those lions are on the front, too!!!)


Such a kind, heartwarming project. I love it.

…I also love this fabric!! It looks like 70s barkcloth?


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Oh, I love the stumpwork elements! You are such a thoughtful friend!! The lions on the back are very cool!

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Amazing work!! you are the best friend :orange_heart: :metal:t3:

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OK that’s too cool!

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Getting kids to sit still for shadow portraits is impossible but I just asked his mom to snap a photo of him in profile then I traced it. I wish I’d done one of my kids every year or so, it would make such a fun retrospective.

This is fantastic!!! I adore silhouettes and you did this one perfectly!

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