Stupid Ugly Christmas Sweater ornament... with pattern and photo tutorial

About a week ago, @roler asked me if I’d be willing to Skype with her and walk her through an ugly sweater ornament crochet pattern. She said the pattern looked complicated. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA! Complicated is an understatement for the pattern. :joy:

I consider myself to be an experienced/advanced crocheter. After maybe an hour of scratching my head, muttering to myself, starting and restarting the darn sweater over and over, I finally threw in the towel and called my sister into the room. @QueenHobo came in and tried to save the day.

After about another hour of her thinking she got it, realizing she didn’t, and a bunch more muttering, she finally decided she was going to rewrite the pattern. I just sat there the whole time, chatting with roler and giggling, because there wasn’t much else to do. :laughing:

QueenHobo wrote the body of the pattern in a way that made sense. I cleaned up her pattern some, wrote the pattern for the arms, and then worked the pattern and took lots of photos. It is kind of based on the original pattern that roler asked for help with, but it is, in my opinion, much clearer, easier to follow… and I also may have completely lost my mind trying to read the original pattern, so maybe it’s all gibberish? :woman_shrugging:t3:


If you attempt to make this, please let me know if you have any questions. If the images are too hard to see, you can also visit my website and download the free pdf. Just scroll to the bottom of the page!

One last thing! Check out the comments below. Roler said she will post a comment to tell you how she made the hanger for her ornament. I bet she’ll even share a photo of her awesome sweater! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s adorable! And, thanks for creating and sharing your own version of the pattern. I’m hoping to actually put up a tree this year, so I might have to make one. I’ll need to look for some ugly sparkly yarn to truly make it ugly- your version is pretty cute!


My original version I made twice with roler (well, started with the original pattern then made with my newly written pattern) was brown and orange. I actually liked that one a lot… It was kind of ugly and I would have totally worn a human sized version of it :grin:

I forgot to get a picture of that sweater before I chucked it out. I had reworked it so much that the yarn was fraying and breaking. I almost made it a third time for the pattern, but I figured blue and white would be much easier to see in photos.

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I’m thinking a red and gold version would be ugly enough for me! If I can find a decent wire, I’ll make a little coat hanger which can double as the ornament hanger, too!

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Thank you soooo much for all the help with this, @storerboughtcreation and @QueenHobo! Sorry it was such a headache!

Here’s my finished one:

The hanger is a pretty simple one made of what I had on hand! It’s just a bent paperclip, with one side taped to a toothpick that I snipped the points off so it hopefully won’t stab anyone! I pushed it up from the bottom so the toothpick supports the shoulders and the top of the paperclip sticks out.


That’s not nearly as ugly as I expected. Very nice!


It’s pretty dang cute for an “ugly” sweater! Just a bit of color changes and you’ve got yourself a Charlie Brown sweater, too!


Awww! It’s super cute!


Adorable! I love what a team project this became. :heart:


It really did become a team project. And we worked well together. The only complaining was at the original pattern. :joy: