Summer 2022 ATCs

I’m continuing to enjoy making ATCs. Here are the recent ones…


The last one is a copy of an artwork called “Rain Cloud” done by Laura Woermke. I saw and admired it in @WiccadWitch ’s Pinterest.

I neglected to take a picture of one of them, a butterfly for @Lynx. It was similar to the dragonfly above.


These are all amazing. It’s hard to pick a favorite!


I never cease to be amazed at all of the different styles and techniques you manage. Beautiful!


Thanks! These little cards let me play with all kinds of materials and techniques. It’s fun!

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I absolutely LOVE your ATCs. You are never boring and you try so many styles and techniques. Those buttons are insane and the Lydia is so fun. The toaster is so retro-fun! They are all amazing! You ROCK!


You really have such an amazing range of talent for so many cool styles of atcs! Glad you play with us!

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I love my Lydia and Time Warp dancers!

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Oh, wow, these are all FANTASTIC!!! Once I feel up to swapping again I definitely want to get back into the ATC game, and I need me some more of your beauties!!

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Thanks! It’s nice to see you! Hope you can swap some ornaments again this year, too!

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Not sure how I missed this post! You have some amazing skills, and I love how you employ so many styles and mediums. I am delighted to be the proud owner of some of these! The button one is especially amazing to me- a testament to both your skill and your patience!

So quirky and fun! I love your style.