Summer Breezes Paper Doll Diorama

I finally had an idea for using these Betsy McCall paper doll clothes! It was a gift for a bestie.


It’s built on the same flatware box as the Years, They Get Away From You decoration I made in February, but on the inside instead of on the underside.


All suraces are covered with various papers. The clotheline (embroidery floss) is secured on the outside with paper brad by passing through an eyelet on each side.

Various plants and flowers cut with dies and punches in the “yard” as well as some faux turf for the lawn. Acetate windows with vintage paper lace placemats for curtains.



Fussy cut paper doll outfits glued to the clothesline.


I cut two of each of the letters to give it a little more oomph.


Lucky me, I had all the supplies in my various stashes!


This came out so cute. I love all the tiny details and that little clothesline! Such a fun project.

Awww, thank you!

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Such detail! It looks great

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Wow! You really packed this baby with details. I love the clothesline!

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Your paper work is always amazing. You must have quite the variety to work with in your stash.

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Thanks, everyone!

Bahahahahaaaaa! That’s one way to say it! :wink: :rofl:

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Aw, this is so sweet! I have seen those paper dolls in vintage magazines. You have an incredible level of detail in there. The doily curtains are genius! And the clothes-hanger paper on the sides is perfect.

What a nice way to display those cute paperdoll dresses!

Thank you all!

@endymion Did you see the clothespins on the outside? So cute! The picture doesn’t pick it up but there are hearts and stars in the “hole” part of them!

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Aww, I didn’t see that! Cutest clothespin paper ever!

I was so happy to have just the right project for those “laundry” prints!

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My sister and I used to FIGHT over the Betsy McCall page. Her name is Betsy and she’s older so she won (in my memory) most of the time.

I love your diorama!


The illustrations are so charming! I mean, there’s some patriarchy happening when you look at all of the pages, but that’s to be expected. :grimacing: :rofl:

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So awesome that I don’t have enough words. Imagine though, the smile on a cheshire cat

Thank you!


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Super cute!

Really adorable. I bet your friend loved it! I always love all the little details and special touches you add to your paper creations!