Years, They Get Away From You - Reusable Birthday Decoration

Over the last few months I have acquired some die sets that I hadn’t gotten to use. The Thing-A-Day February 2024 Craftalong gave to the “excuse” I needed to make something just-because; we’re nowhere near any birthday at our house.




There are soooo many little die-cut pieces in this! I do love the depth that all the layers give.



It’s built on the body of a flatware box from the “good box” stash. The sides are covered with embossed glitter paper. The back is the inside of the box and left open, so it can be hung. It also sits nicely on a horizontal surface.

I used these die sets, the 2 on the bottom are my new ones.


These are the stamp sets and the embossing folder.


It’s about 7.25" x 10.5" x 1.5" (cm: 18.5 x 26.7 x 3.8)


Wow, it is sparkly too!

Those balloons tied on, i can just hear them making that “balloon on balloon” sound! :grin:

Love love love.

the “good box” stash.
you’ve been in my studio again, haven’t you.


Thanks, friends!

@Camelama Ha! Now all I can think is “wubba wubba wubba” of them bouncing in thewind behind this car!

@steiconi You know a person who has a grommet drawer is going to have a stash of “good boxes”!


Man, I lusted after that grommet drawer, and eventually had one if my own. Turns out I don’t actually use a lot of grommets (or any), and recently gave them all away. Ya live and learn.

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Sometimes ya’ have to try something to know it’s not for you. And you’ve given some grommeteers materials.

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This is so super cool!! I love all those elements together. And I so enjoyed seeing bits and pieces in the thing a day thread. Those vellum clouds are perfect! So many cute little details. I keep going back for more peeks!

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Adorable! The candles flying off the cake and the balloon strings are my favorite parts.

Thanks, y’all!

@Abbeeroad I think that having that thread made it easier to tackle this - marking little bits of progress made me feel better about only doing little bits when that’s all I had time for.

@endymion The candles are kind of what kicked off the whole theme! I tell you, though, as someone living in the woods in forest fire country, I really went back and forth about that one flying through the air until the last minute. Trying to figure out a visually satisfying way to make it clear that it wasn’t going to start a wildfire. On a cartoony, paper decoration :roll_eyes:


This is so awesome! I love every tiny detail and the design is pure perfection!

Thank you! I had fun designing as I went along.

This is amazing. Seriously beautiful.

This is so much fun!

I like the wee matches best of all, so lively!

What a fun card!
The candles and the balloons give it a real sense of motion, my mind just animates it like a cartoon with the car chugging along the road.

Thanks friends!

Thank you! When I got the idea to glue the flames diagonally to the candles, the rest of the motion ideas and the phrase, etc. started coming to me.

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