Swap Ideas for Round 5

It’s that time again! A new year, a new round of swaps! Let’s hear your swap ideas! This time around is a bit different. If you want to host a swap, in your post please use this template:
Name of Swap:
Swap Organizer:
Swap Requirements:
Length of Swap:
This will help us when we set up a poll for voting.

If you don’t want to host a swap, but want to suggests one, please, in big bold letters include SUGGESTION at the top of the post.

We will be taking ideas from January 4th-January 18th. After that time we will set up a poll to vote.

In other news, we are hoping that the database will be ready in 2021 and we will no longer have to do swaps this way. Thank you so much for your patience, I know it can be a bit much, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


Name of Swap: Miniature Make a Friend
Swap Organizer: Lynx2Lancer
Swap Requirements: You will hand-write (or type if writing is hard for you) a letter to your partner telling them about you (your likes, interests, dreams, ambitions, anything you want them to know!), you will craft or purchase a small item to represent something that you are interested in (this does not have to be craft related), and you will craft for your partner a medium item that relates to their interests. When I hosted this on the old site, we sent the letter first, then crafted. We will not do that this time (you will include your letter in your package), so I will have a more inclusive questionnaire to help guide you. The most important thing to remember is, the thought is you will be making a new friend, so ideally you will also be messaging back and forth so you can create a very special gift for your partner. When sign ups end, I’ll ask you to message me a list of people you have 1) never swapped with before 2) only swapped with a few times so that you truly get an opportunity to make a new friend!
Length of Swap: 1.5 week sign up, then submit partner “wish list,” with partners 1-2 days after, 1 month of crafting time.



I would love to join, but not host, a Pokémon swap, if anyone is willing to do the honors! :slight_smile: Maybe a medium and a small, or one large?


I would love to host a dinosaur swap for all things dinosaur!

Name of Swap: Dinosaur Swap
Swap Organizer: Kwality570
Swap Requirements: Anything dinosaur related. One medium and one small.
Length of Swap: 2 week sign up and 1 month of crafting time.


I would like to host a tea towel swap! Fairly quick, easy to post/mail, and useful to boot. :smiley:

Name of Swap: Tea Towel Swap
Swap Organizer: Lilyleaper
Swap Requirements: Two tea towels
Length of Swap: Two week signups, four weeks crafting.


Name of Swap: Craft My Collectible
Swap Organizer: @PrincessP
Swap Requirements:

  • One Medium or Two Smalls per partner
    ~Medium (2+ hours crafting time [not including drying time, etc]) ~Small (Minimum 1 hour crafting time)

  • You can request to have up to 3 partners for this swap and the organiser will try their best to accommodate everyone’s wishes.

  • Each swapper will list a minimum of three themes that they love or are already collecting. Partner’s will choose 1 theme (medium) or 1-2 themes (if making smalls) to craft for their partner. Crafting medium will be in senders choice, but swappers will have the opportunity to list crafting mediums they’d love to receive (not guaranteed) on swap sign up form.

Length of Swap: 2 week sign up and 6 week crafting time.



Just ideas, I can’t organize right now.

A mini quilt swap?
A Valentine stuffie or ninni or dotee or etc. swap


My 11" blue and black stegosaurus is in desperate need for some type of appropriate drip!

If this isn’t chosen, I’ll hit you up for a PSwap, yo!

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Are you officially volunteering? If so, please use the template at the top of the thread. It will make it easier when we do the poll. Thanks!!! :blush:
Thanks for updating! :smiley: :grinning:

I am up for dinosaurs too! I have a couple dino things in my living room and think they are awesome!

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I love the idea of craft my collectible!


Name of Swap: Craft my Pet Swap
Swap Organizer: gozer
Swap Requirements: One medium & one small. You must provide ample pics of your pet!
Length of Swap 2 wk sign up. 6 week crafting.


Name of Swap: 4x6 Art swap - R3
Swap Organizer: geekgirl
Swap Requirements: Sender’s Choice. You will make a piece of art that is 4" x 6" in any medium and in any style that you choose.
Length of Swap: 3 weeks (The crafting period and signup period for this swap are the same )


Is it crazy that I am liking all the suggestions so far? :green_heart: :heart:


Sorry, never even saw the template. I think i got to this thread via someone’s posting in it, and never saw the first post.

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Two here, why not…

Name of Swap: Ongoing ATC (February, I guess)
Swap Organizer: thanate
Swap Requirements: claim an ATC theme from the previous person’s list, send w/in 2 weeks. (up to 10 claims at a time for veteran swappers)
Length of Swap: 1 month ongoing

Name of Swap: Little Good Things
Swap Organizer: thanate
Swap Requirements: 1 small item, 1 small extra, & a card per partner, 1-2 partners
Length of Swap: 2 weeks crafting time



Valen-ween! Hallow-tines!! Halloween valentines day stuff. Atcs cards ott. Probably too late to make it in time for vday, but I wouldn’t mind.


Name of Swap: Use What You Have Round 2
Swap Organizer: Kwality570
Swap Requirements: I know we already had a round of this here on Lettuce Craft, but I bet that there are a lot of people on the site that have a hefty stash of items in their arsenal for crafting. I definitely could use a little more thinning out in my craft room. :smiley: The challenge of this swap is to craft solely from items you have in your stash with no purchased items. Size: One medium and two smalls.
Length of Swap: 2 week sign up and 1 month of crafting time.


Slight alternation/addition to the swap I proposed last round, that was chosen, but I had to postpone.

Name of Swap: I Want to Live in the Burrow & Be a Weasley!
Swap Organizer: MistressJennie
Swap Requirements: 1 large handmade item, either a housewares item, or a wearable item, inspired by the world of Harry Potter, and the Weasley family.
Length of Swap: 2 weeks of signups, 4-5 weeks crafting time.


I haven’t been very active so far this year but it’s only because I’m moving. Come February though, I’ll be back rockin’ and rollin’ and would love to host 1 of these 3 swaps

Name of Swap: totally 80’s (tubular, dude!)
Swap Organizer: bethntim
Swap Requirements: 1 large, 2 medium, or 3 small items (extras will be up to partners)
Length of Swap: sign ups: 1 week, craft time: 1 month

Name of Swap: positive vibes (we all need some positivity)
Swap Organizer: bethntim
Swap Requirements: 1 large, 2 medium, or 3 small items (extras will be up to partners)
Length of Swap: sign ups: 1 week, craft time: 1 month

Name of Swap: Viva la Frida (Frida Kahlo swap)
Swap Organizer: bethntim
Swap Requirements: 1 large, 2 medium, or 3 small items (extras will be up to partners)
Length of Swap: sign ups: 1 week, craft time: 1 month