Sweet potato pie dutch baby

Well, I made it. Didn’t really follow any recipe, per say, but I’ll write down what I can remember.

Using the Dutch baby recipe from my Apple Dutch Baby recipe. I removed one egg and replaced it with half a stick of butter.

Now, granted I was way too impatient to let the pan heat in the oven long enough, however, it was a really happy mistake. It made it more pie like when I poured the pumpkin pie filling into it. Baked it right in the middle…Oh, it is so good, too…and buttery. Oh, man, I believe I can really do this for making pies (that way I don’t have to push my broken body making the crusts). Oh, yeah…YUUUUUMMMMY.


Mmmmm buttery!

Yummy yummy!

Congrats! Your Sweet Potato Pie Dutch Baby is one of this week’s featured projects. :tada: