Sweetheart wool blanket

I made this cozy blanket as my first steps into bigger felted wool projects. I’m going to have to make a lot more to justify the amount of sweaters I bought!


This is so pretty! I love all the various heart shapes. It is so sweet.

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I just love it! The big and little hearts are fun. Well done.

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I love the look of the hearts - they are all so different!

Love this! Such a cute design!

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Oh wow!

I appreciate the different sizes and shapes of the hearts. Well done.

I can’t tell - are they all blanket stitched down?


Love it! :slight_smile:

I am completely in love with this project. I see some more thrifted, fulled sweaters in my future. Wow. I may try to wear my new blanket once it’s made, I would want it around me all the time, it’s that great!

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I love this so much! It’s so beautiful!

Love this project, and that’s going to be a warm blanket!!

They are all blanket stitched! I’ll try to get a close up.


This is very neat. I love the color pallet and that it is so usable.

This is so, so sweet. And utterly classic. It will be treasured for years, and I love how you’ve been able to give old sweaters new life. :smiley:

Oh, I heart hearts so much. Love this use of sweaters!

This is wonderful! So cheery, I love it!

Love the variety!

I love this blanket so much, it’s awesome!

This is so pretty!

This blanket is so sweet and looks super cozy!! What method of felting did you use for it? I love the stitching around the hearts and all the colors :slight_smile: