Swimming Pool Cake!

My youngest LOVES the show Bluey. I must say, its adorable and I love it, too. Since its amazing, I had added the baking book that the show uses to my Christmas list and my MIL bought it for me. The cakes in that book are so ridiculous and dated. Its amazing! I let my kiddo pick out from that book which cake she wanted and she settled on the pool cake. It was fun to make and it turned out pretty cute. :slight_smile: Those babies with the sprinkles on their heads just crack me up! I want to add babies to everything now! The cookbook wanted me to use boxed cake mix, but I said “no, thank you” to that and made it from scratch! I did a confetti cake with a homemade chocolate buttercream. It also wanted me to use lime jello, but I thought that would make the water look disgusting, so I went with a blue skittle jello instead.

And for reference, here is the duck cake they make in Bluey out of this cookbook:


Great cake! And sounds like it was delicious, too.

It’s gorgeous.

Have a laugh at my much less skilled attempts. Boxed cake and all ;).

I’ve seen them with Teddy Grahams as the swimmers, in gummy life savers, those would be cute.

Oh, and a frog version!

I did quite like the cattails on this one.


What a cute cake! It turned out so awesome and your girl looks pretty thrilled with it, which really is the whole point, after all!!


Fantastic summer cake! The jello is a great texture for water, blue was a good choice.

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This cake is bucket loads of fun!

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Hahaha…this is awesome! Bluey is the best! I had no idea there was a book that they used to bake from in the show! Guess I don’t watch it as closely as the kiddos! :laughing:


I don’t know from Bluey, but this cake is ridiculously adorable! Those sprinkle-headed babies!

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Aw it has vintage little people, too! I think I still have some of those!

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I’m in the bluey reddit forum. I think that is how I found out about it!


I love that you used the Women’s Weekly cookbook!

Ok, this is freakin adorable. And now after my jello shark infested beach monstrosity, I feel like we’re going to eventually need a Roundup of water-inspired dessert creations.