T-shirt Quilt

Can’t say I ever had the urge to make a t-shirt quilt, but I agreed to make one as a favor for a friend.

Laying out the shirts to arrange the colors.

I used interfacing that has a grid printed on it. First I cut 15" squares. (The designs on the shirts were BIG!) I laid a square on the front of the t-shirt (the interfacing is somewhat see-through) to center the design and line it up vertically and horizontally. I cut around the square, flipped it to the back and ironed on the interfacing.

These are the squares with the interfacing applied to the backs.

I serged all of the seams. Such a time saver.
Here I have sewn the top border, made from the shirt front pieces, to the first row.

This shows the fleece backing. I sent my friend pictures of some choices and she had her daughter choose her favorite.

After sewing the backing on, I tacked the two layers together at strategic points.


I’ve made one before and have several “in the works,” but haven’t sewed in a few years for many reasons. It’s a big job, but a cool way to remember things.

Nicely done.


I got the shirts Thursday night, but I know myself, and if I sit on a project, it never gets done.


I love how you used the arm patches in the border.

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You must be a fabulous friend, to make a t-shirt quilt as a favor. It’s a wonderful way to commemorate someone’s participation in HS theater. They’ll love it!

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What goes around comes around! This friend hosted my daughter at her house for the better part of a week and brought her along to job shadow at her (my friend’s) veterinary practice.

Unrelated, she also gave me all of her mother’s vintage sewing patterns.

We go way back.


Great job! You did this fast.

I’ve made 3, in a different style though, they aren’t my favourite things to do.

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I love this.

I have shirts from various events I attended (I used to do triathlons before my body said "nope, you can’t just push through all the dislocations anymore). They’re either worn out or didn’t fit me anymore, and I’ve been saving the pieces to “someday make a quilt”… only snag with that is that I don’t sew lol. So they have sat in a bag for years… someday I will do something like this.

I’m thinking I might actually try to make an apron (or a few) instead of a quilt. I need an apron, and I’d use it often. Anyway.

I think it’s wonderful that you’re doing this for your friend. It’ll be a cherished item for sure. Looking at the shirts, I’m guessing they’re a theatre person?

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No sew blanket, a layer of tshirt and one of fleece.

It can be worked on over time in sections as shirts & fleeces wear out.

@ceep you did a beautiful job, the edging is such a great detail choice.

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I would MUCH rather sew one than cut all those little strips and tie a gazillion knots! These are great for kids to make (and people without arthritis in their fingers) :).


If you don’t sew it’s a good option.
I myself would rather sew than just about anything else.

I received a baby blanket like this for my first kiddo. @ceep I do have arthritis in my fingers/hands, so… not that I don’t do all kinds of stuff that hurt them anyways, lol.

I am leaning towards making aprons. They’re easier to sew by hand than a whole quilt, and I may be able to do it. I don’t know how to machine sew, but I can do simple stitches by hand (not that I’d call that knowing how to sew, lol)

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Wonderfully done! Looks chock full of memories!