Taco Sauce

In the past couple years I’ve developed issues with certain foods (lactose, whey) and in the last year I’ve discovered garlic is a huge problem food for me - something to do with the fructan compounds within the garlic which interestingly enough are not soluble in oil so I can have garlic infused oil.

Most store bought condiments contain garlic powder. So I’m having to start making my own condiments.

My sister shared this recipe with me as her kids go through a LOT of taco sauce

I edited to leave out the garlic powder, I used salt and not garlic salt. And I left out the onion powder and the sugar.

I also doubled the cayenne as I like more of a kick.

I doubled the recipe as I only had a 28oz can of tomato sauce on hand.

Next time I may try adding in a couple of TBs of garlic infused oil.


Awesome! Looks amazing!

So funny how garlic oil is ok but powder is not. Glad you are finding a way to still enjoy food the way you want to!

looks yummy…I actually would prefer a lot of foods to not have the garlic…I also like a kick, so cayenne would be enough for me to like the taste! I will have to try this…hubby is in hoarding mode again and we have way too much tomato products…I can’t eat tomatoes without tummy issues, but I still like a small taste now and then and he loves them…thanks for sharing the recipe!

Thanks for sharing this!

Thanks for the recipe, we’ll make this. We’re sensitive to the fodmap foods too, I miss onion, sigh.

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