Take Your Home-baked Bread and Chuckit in this Cotton Bread Bag!


TheMisterT took up bread baking just before Covid bread baking became The Thing and we’ve been storing it wrapped in either cotton or linen tea towels. It works, but lacks some finesse or style sitting on our kitchen island. So, Delia asked if I could help her make him a bread bag for Fathers Day. :wink:



We essentially copied the lovely bags made by Quebecois company, dans le sac, which are totally affordably priced, but… makers gotta make! And handmade gifts are extra appreciated by papas on Fathers Day.


Their bag has this lovely tab with their brand logo on it, but we decided to cross stitch a little something and that something turned out to be a Chuckit ball, because Delia loves her Chuckit balls (see below).



I decided these would be a great time for French seams and seam binding tape (top hem).


Bonus: I had all the materials in stash! The cotton is the same I used for this couche, the twill tape is the last of a bunch I was given by another maker years ago, and the cross stitch materials were on hand! The Chuckit colors aren’t exact matches, but close enough!



Super sweet gift from a super sweet girl.

…I wonder if Astrid is planning anything for Dogfather’s Day…

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Hahaha! I wonder… she’s got 2.5 weeks!

What a good way to store bread in style! I really like the seam binding tape, it gives the bag a high end feel and the ball logo was a great way to personalize the bag!

Such a cool idea! Crafting is hard job for such a sweet girl.

This is beautiful. I love the extra special touches you added. The logo makes me smile! Nice work!

What a thoughtful gift! He’s bound to love it! And the personal touch is definitely the best!

Thanks, friends!

And again with the smart bread accessories! I love it.


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