Canvas Couche for Baguette Baking

TheMisterT took up baking bread shortly prior to the pandemic and he’s decided to try baking baguettes for Bánh mì this weekend! So he asked if I had some medium weight canvas he could use for a couche.


I was pretty sure I did and after a little digging in my fabric stash I found a remnant! It had already been pre-washed, but since this was going to be for food, I washed it again after finding some typical measurements and temporarily finishing the edges. A lot of pressing and a fairly simple seam later, et voila!




Banh mi? Ohhhh my hubby would be sooo jealous. It’s one of his favorite sandwiches!! And on fresh bread??? HEAVEN!

Can’t wait to see your pics!


Eric’s, too! He has a couple author friends who he is particularly close to that he hangs out at a couple cons most years and with whom he shares a joy of food, they call themselves the bahn migoes. :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I am not familiar with this, but the book photo was helpful. Can’t wait to see it!

I didn’t know what they were called and was familiar with them only from photos which is exactly why I included the photo with the book!


I had to look up Banh mi too, looks delicious!

Looks yummy!

Mmmm… Homemade baguettes… :baguette_bread:

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Thanks, friends! This afternoon I should be getting an action shot and tonight we shall dine on Bánh mì!


Looking forward to those pics!! And maybe a recipe…? :yum:

Well, the recipe is a few pages of the America’s Test Kitchen Bread Illustrated book, so I’m not excited about typing all that out! That book is on sale about 1/3 off right now on the ATK site!

Ooh, good to know! How did the sammiches turn out?

They were great! We had ground lamb and he found a recipe for lamb bahn mi! A neighbor had given us carrots from her garden, so we pickled those.

Ooh, fancy!

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Why has this never occurred to me?! I read my French bread book and think what a bummer it is that I don’t have a couche. Duh, me! Good thinking, you! It looks like it worked out magnifique.

Hehe! Nothing will stop you now!

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I didn’t know this thing existed! It may be my next level up of bread baking, thank you!

Glad you found it! YUM, BREAD!