Teesha Moore Patch and/or Adult Merit Badge Swap Gallery

Post your goodies here!


Two lovely patches from @Abbeeroad:

[plague] survivor (which my daughter took one look at and requested masks for her dolls…) and “happiest in the company of oaks. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:


These are fantastic! The mask survivor badge is so clever. Now I want to make doll masks too!
I love the simplicity of the oak badge. The white space gives an air of peace and she added just the right amount of blue and green to complement the badge.
@Abbeeroad has such a unique and recognizable style. I just adore both badges.


@Abbeeroad I think your idea of stamping words onto fabric is great :slight_smile:

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It looks great! I tend to opt out of text an my badges since it rarely looks good in that scale…

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Yay! I’m glad you like them. And yes I was inspired by the plague survivor patch you pinned. I forgot to mention that the background of that one is made from scraps from making masks. Inspired by the prayer flag swap. The mini mask is magpie’s pattern!


What kind of stamps and ink do you use for your badges?

Ooh, those are great! That teeny mask just kills me.

So great to see the gallery pop up…what a nice start…love both badges!

I don’t use anything fancy. I picked up an Ranger Archival Ink Pad from Michaels a few years ago. Like this one. And I have a basic letter set from there, too. Like these!

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I received an awesome SET (!) of badges from @thanate!

She sent me FOUR badges! I love them all! The moon in “Crafts Past Bedtime” glows in the dark! Perfect!

I especially love the ribbon detail in “Runs With Scissors”:

How cool is that?!

Thank you for an awesome swap @thanate!!


Those are fabulous - that ribbon is so fun! :heart:

Love them! The ribbon is so clever.

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I love these patches! She chose great colors and that ribbon is just fabulous!

Wow, that ribbon IS clever! I can’t even picture how it might’ve been done.

I stitched the first half of the scissor blades, and then stopped the machine to pin the ribbon across before doing everything else. :slight_smile: Not too hard, just a little finicky.


I’ve received my badge from @Lynx and it’s a two part one!

The ”participant” part is fastened with velcro and here’s a close up on the main badge:

Combining my yarn and cat themes into ”Yarn yo-yo championship” with the cat being a good sport about acting yo-yo.

Chaplin is intrigued…

Chilla was a bit unfocused on all my attempts at taking a picture so this one will have to do.

Thank you :pray:


I’m so relieved it arrived and it still makes me giggle.

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So funny. I love that it isn’t a prize-winner ribbon, but the general “Hey, you tried” Participant ribbon. There was a lot of competition, and none of the cats got past the first round. :rofl: And is that a stamped fabric?