The Adventures of Soft Kitty Turned Magnet

At the old site, I was known as BigBangMomma and that’s because I was a huge Big Bang Theory fan and I’m a mom. So, as you’d imagine, Big Bang Theory stuff is around my house. One of those things was a small plushie that @geekybookworm owned. She recently cleaned out quite a bit of her bedroom, and I had to rescue Soft Kitty from being donated and turn her into a magnet (you may also know that I am obsessed with magnets!).

I thought this would be a quick 10 min job, but it ended up taking me a good half hour and several attempts to get it right. This included having it sit out and left alone a few days.

I first tried cheaper crafty magnets I had around the house, but they were not even close to being strong enough. So, that meant I had to go to the store to find better magnets. I used a coupon at JoAnn’s to get the pack in the picture for about $3.

I thought I would be good to go. Just put one in each front paw and sew her back up. Well, when I tried her on the fridge before sewing back up, that wasn’t working. I guessed maybe the placement.

These magnets have an adhesive, so I put two on a strip of paper and sewed it up along the neck. I thought I was done. Well, when I went to hang her proudly on my fridge, she wouldn’t stay. Ugh. Okay.

Well, I had to give my fingers a break from fabric twine twisting and embroidery, so that gave me time to think.

I really didn’t want to sew the arms or take out the puffiness, but it looks like that was what I was going to have to do. So, I unstuffed both arms and put magnets at the end. That should do it!


Still not strong enough. Ok. So, two magnets in each arm. How to do that without them connecting to each other? Well, I had to sew separators between the magnets. I have mostly invisible stitches.

After first magnet:

After second magnet:

Unfortunately that flattens the arms, but it seemed to do the trick to make her strong enough to support her weight on the fridge.

Time to stuff her back up!

Looking good, girlfriend!

All stitched up and good as new!

My soft and warm kitty is loving her new digs!

See, I love magnets! I have so many!


Heroic effort with a good outcome! Soft kitty reigns on!


Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr…


You did see what @craftybecky made me in the LGT2 swap, right? I am a huge fan…soft kitty is on the wall with my Sheldon… :smiley:


I think so…

I have a soft kitty poster on the backside of my bedroom door. :slight_smile: So grown up.


That took a while, but well done.


Purr, purr, purr…! :heart_eyes_cat: Great refurbish!


So worth the extra tries to make it work. It’s adorable.


Great save!!! Way to persevere! So cute…


This made me LAUGH long and loud, my friend!! Ha! What fun! And all the toil to keep a Soft Kitty. Good for you!!

:four_leaf_clover: :metal: :shamrock:


Very cool way to repurpose something sentimental into something useful too!


I never would have thought to hang a stuffed guy on the fridge! Way to save a beloved friend. :grinning:


I did not know this! I have a collection of crafted magnets on my fridge.
They always get a lot of attention when people come over.

Until I got the Discworld Witches in magnet form for a Pratchett tribute swap from puzzled-penguin on c-ster I had no idea that plastic canvas could be such a cool craft. These have been on my fridge for 5 years.
(the last pic)

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I buy magnets and Christmas ornaments from places I travel.