The beginning of a sock

In between, weaving, crochet, gardening, paid work and parenting. I am also whipping up a pair of alpaca socks for my sister. Mainly because she is nagging :rofl: I’ve only got as far as one cuff so far.
So question is? How many of you leap wildly between similar (but different) crafts?
I also, spin, dye, cook, sew, embroider, paint and swim. (I may be a collector of hobbies) (I also secretly write but that never sees the light of day, nor gets shared)


I have often a couple of different projects ongoing.And they differ in craft. At the moment I have some crochet, knitting and embroidery project that Im working on. Very dependable on the mood.


Yes, me too!
My main crafts are cross stitch, embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing and quilting. If there’s fabric and yarn involved, I’m probably interested. Aside from that, I’m also interested in gardening, canning and cooking.

We actually have a badge here for people who have contributed projects in all categories, sounds like you may be on your way to earning that one some day.


You are in the right place for sure!
My primary craft is sewing but I also crochet, bead, do paper crafting, leatherwork, make jewelry, small sculpture & assemblage, embroidery, book binding, quilting, gardening, cooking, baking, canning & fermenting. I have worked with stained glass & would like to do more clay, try hot glass, weaving, spinning, & more dyeing. One day I will learn to knit. I’d love to make puppets.


Yep! I believe you have described most of us! :sweat_smile:


Hi. My name is Jennie, and I’m a poly-craft. :joy:


Poly-craft! Yes, that’s the right term, for sure.

I think this group is full of poly-crafters…we are not monogamous in our creative pursuits! I think it also extends way out into other areas of our lives…I work, am involved in various charities and political activities, travel, entertain, exercise, read, etc…

As far as crafting goes, right now, I have six pairs of socks on knitting needles, two scarves (one crochet, one knit), four crochet blankets, several quilts and sewing projects…I jump from one to another because I would get bored or just because I wanted to try a new method or new supply.

You are definitely a fit for this group! :laughing:


Poly-craft… I like that.

I have about a dozen and a half things going at any one time. I knit, crochet, spin, dye, sew, embroider, quilt, bind books, make dolls, leather craft, paint, garden, preserve/can, cook, bake, macrame, beading… I’ll try almost anything once.


That yarn is going to make awesome socks!

You might enjoy our Snapshot thread where we post pics of our WIPs! It so active & popular that the platform forced a Part 2!


:rofl: a very good point.

Also there’s the sock-a-long for this project…


I certainly hope it is just because of the sock pattern…next month, I suggest we do a simple, short, top down sock! lol

And yes, @HelenR-H …come join us for prizes, complaints, progress, and laughs! Maybe we should rename it the “Almost Sockaslong”…we are pathetic, ha ha ha.


I do, sewong knitting, crochet, paper crafts, spirit dolls, etc. Etc. I can’t imagine only doing one type of craft. But then I’m not sire I ever become an expert at anything.
And these days I do learning and development…online interactive learning courses that involve lots of creative solutions and graphics. It never ends.
I get itchy of I don’t have projects.


It’s hilarious that of all the posts in that thread THIS is the one representing it. :laughing: