The Elephant that wanted to be a Snowman

I love to crochet but tiny stuff is just not my thing…first of all, I can’t see it without magnifying glasses and second of all, my hands just hate it…BUT…every once in a while, I am just compelled to give it one more go.

In the Little Good Things Swap, my partner @crafty-becky had elephants as one of her favorite things. I searched the internet and found the cutest tiny elephant and quickly printed out the pattern.

I am trying to work off my stash so all I had was white crochet thread…fine, I would use markers or paint to color it grey later…

I was doing great and ready to make the legs and ears when I realized…the pattern had a huge boo-boo…the pattern maker forgot the trunk!!!

What to do, what to do…I probably could have winged a trunk but I also noticed the shape was a bit off…not quite round like an elephant…did I goof? I was going to just stop when I remembered Becky also liked snowmen! It kinda looked like a snowman…all I needed was a few embroidery stitches, a tiny scarf and a tiny hat…I could do that!!!

So here we have “the elephant that wanted to be a snowman”…

And once again…I swear I will never crochet anything tiny again (until the next time…:grin:)



That is so stinking cute!

OMG so cute!!!

He is so cute and makes a perfect snowman.

Adorable snowman!

Too cute! I did some tiny crochet the year before last and it looks so pretty,but definitely hard on the hands!

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Your story made me laugh :smile: he’s so cute! and so tiny!

Wow that’s tiny! And absolutely cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Well, I should give crocheting another go :yarn:

That sounds like a children’s book. :slight_smile: I love the story behind this cute snowman. Nice save!

That’s hilarious. Glad it wanted to be something that worked out so well!

This is utterly ridiculously teensy, you are a fiend! I can’t even believe you made something this tiny. I. Can’t. Even.

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As I’m sure you already know … I LOVE that snowman!!

The fact it’s tiny is even better.

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I never would have guessed this guy started as an elephant! His accessories are also all so perfect. Great job adapting into something still awesome!

It is called panic mode…ha ha…amazing how the brain can function when things go wrong! ha ha

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The fact that you managed to save the elephant and turn it into a snowman is great :smiley: And good that you’ve learned that you can’t say never XD

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He is adorable! I love that you were able to make an impromptu switch mid project too.