The FUNderpants of 2024

Rather thank make a new topic every time Delia and I make TheMisterT a new pair of boxer shorts, I am going to list all of this year’s in one thread, like I did last year: The FUNderpants of 2023

:boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts: :boxing_glove: :shorts:

A very soft flannel, purple leopard print. I’ve had this fabric for years and just always choose another fabric to make into underpants.


The second pair of 2024 are these luchador print cuties!


These will be a gift from Delia to TheMisterT for either his spring birthday or Father’s Day.

:tv: Stay tuned for more underwear…


Grabbing my spot and popcorn to watch!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I should really slow my roll on these, his drawers drawer is PACKED. Thanks for your support! :thinking:


Do I hear “daddy dog-ter matching sets” bandanas and bottoms, or skirts and shorts? I know your old gal would rock a dog skirt lol

Hehehe! When I was making her Collar Cozies, I would often make one with underpants scraps! She only likes outfits when we can trick her into thinking it’s a “coat,” but I bet she would go for a neckerchief!

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You’re Mister has to be the most popular in the shower room, lol.

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The Mr must go threw some undies! :joy: :rofl: I would too if I kept getting these amazing creations.

His drawers drawer is PACKED. He doesn’t need any more AT ALL. But, alas we have our traditions.